Nashville recap: A Nice Day to Start Again

Peggy and Teddy wed, Rayna and Luke bed, and Juliette gets a last-minute CRAZY PLOT TWIST
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 13, 2013


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The emotional thrust of the hour (sorry for using the word thrust) belonged to Deacon and Maddie, who bonded in person instead of separately, in their own dreamy-eyed gazes, of what it might be like if they had a real relationship. The relationship is on, baby! No turning back now. And Maddie's LOVING it. Deacon's been afraid of disappointing people after the accident; he's just so damn tired of that damn look in their eyes, in their faces. But all of Maddie's expressions toward him are now these full-on love-gushes.

Is it too much too soon? In reality, probably. But this is TV, where there's limited screen time in which to convey a budding father-daughter relationship. So Maddie and Deacon's heavy-handed gestures -- him pointing at her as he sings "Fly, my child"; her enthusing that she must have inherited her inability to sing sans guitar from him -- are par for the course. I was rolling my eyes at the conversation about genetics I couldn't believe was taking place in broad nightlight, but soon cranked out two large tears as Deacon sputtered out, "You're growing up fast….but not too fast, okay? I just got here." Aggghh! He just got there!

Deacon and Avery's cover of "You're the Kind of Trouble" marked Deacon's first return to the Bluebird Café since his and Rayna's accident, as well as Avery's 48th Foursquare check-in of the month. (Mister Mayor.) "Even though I haven't been around doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about this moment every single day," he assured the crowd but more importantly his daughter. It wasn't the performance of his lifetime, but it was better than the sad open-mic comedy routine he'd have had to attempt at Shotgun Sally's. To be fair, the jerky half-chicken half-robot dance Deacon had been workshopping in his milk-less home would definitely qualify as a laugh riot, so he'd have been fine either way.

I'm really liking the Deacon-Avery buddy comedy!

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BEEN THERE. Don't pretend you haven't.

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