Nashville recap: Such Disregard for Marriage

Juliette continues to pursue Deacon, while Avery teaches Scarlett how to sing like nobody's listening. Plus: A performance by the Conrad sisters!
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 24, 2012

UNDERMINE DEAD BODY! Why oh why won't Deacon join Juliette's tour? He would definitely get a master suite on her tour bus. Heck, Juliette probably doesn't even have a tour bus: She has a tour zeppelin. It's good to be the Queen.

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Rayna finally called Deacon to have The Talk. It wasn't immediately clear what Talk this was: A break-up? A dissolution of a business partnership? An admission of Love That Cannot Be? Rayna told Deacon that she couldn't really say it, whatever it was. "The only thing you can say, Ray," said Deacon. "That it's all over." Rayna tried to be concrete. She's holding hearts in her hand, and she's trying to do the right thing, but her heart's in pieces. Deacon said that he understood, but I'm not sure Rayna was really saying anything new. She loves Deacon just enough to never want to let go of him. They make beautiful music together; they always have. But they also can't be together, for any number of reasons. Deacon needs to be the one to leave.

He finally had that opportunity. Juliette cornered him at the Bluebird Cafe. Deacon had to admit: "You're a hard girl to say no to...but I'm gonna have to." Juliette was shocked, and Deacon didn't really have a good explanation. It may be that he's a glutton for punishment, or that he's lived too long with the same dream. Over the end of the episode, Scarlett and Gunnar sang a song with a key lyric: "I could just fade into you." Roughly translated, the lyric could mean "I love you so much that I want to disappear into you and not be me anymore." Love as Self-Immolation: Not a healthy idea, but a truthful one.

Juliette, upset about Deacon and about her mom and about pretty much everything in her life, went to a local drugstore and stole something from the beauty aisle. (I think it was nail polish. Full disclosure: I don't hang out in the beauty aisle too often.) She didn't notice the local kids holding an iPhone on her. The video was incriminating: Not only was she stealing, she was also wearing an atrocious fedora. Hope you've enjoyed Fame, Juliette, because Infamy is a real bitch.

And that's all without even mentioning the ongoing tale of Teddy's Sketchy Past. (He found out that his old credit union is going to be audited; better hope he gets elected Mayor before they reach 2008!) Fellow Nashville viewers, what did you think of the third episode? Want to hear more from the Conrad Sisters? Do you think Rayna should just agree to go on tour with Juliette, already? And do you think that, in real life, Powers Boothe's grandchildren call him "Grampa Powers"? Because that would be awesome.

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