Nashville recap: Three parents is better than one crazy one

Scarlett reaches her breaking point when her mother shows up on tour, while Deacon and Rayna tell the world their story
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 2, 2014

MAMA, CAN YOU HEAR ME? Scarlett O'Connor (Clare Bowen) sings an emotional song to her mother during sound check. Spoiler: It does not go over well.

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Deacon ran off immediately following the interview, but what happened with Luke might be my favorite part of this episode. Well, second favorite. After kissing Rayna on the cheek and leaving in order to "give her some family time," Luke walked outside to some brilliant reporter asking if he would be daddy number three. Journalism at its best, people! Once he got in his car, Luke let out his frustration on the headrest in front of him before telling the driver to head to the airport. I don't know what you're thinking Luke, but I'm betting that's not a great decision.

But you know what is a good decision? Juliette and Avery being all adorable and taking a bath together. She told him that Charlie had tried to kiss her, which was a half-truth, but Avery said he'd figured. I'm not quite sure how this man is so level-headed, but I love it. And so does Juliette. (Also, can I get some of that calming potion of hers?)

Getting ready for sound check, Scarlett had to steal the microphone from her mother, who'd been putting on a mini-show and temporarily living her dream with her daughter's band. But all those dreams came crashing down when Scarlett sang her mother the song she'd written for her, "Black Roses." There was anger. There were tears. And afterward, there was this: "You're not a monster, you're my mother." However, Scarlett might want to take that first sentence back after her mother threw her up against a wall and went on and on about how she gave us her dreams for her and Scarlett's life was a picnic compared to hers, etc. In that moment, Scarlett was forced to relive the worst parts of her childhood. P.S. Where was everyone else? That hallway seemed unbelievably empty to me.

Regardless, Scarlett went straight from the hallway of no security and freakish emptiness to Juliette's dressing room to ask for the night off. Sadly, as Juliette informed her, they don't work at Dairy Queen, and they can't switch shifts. The show must go on! But it doesn't necessarily have to go on sober … or does it? Scarlett was all hair and booze and more hair as she downed a bottle of liquor before walking to the stage. Avery tried to stop here but there was a run-in with Charlie Wentworth and a whole thing about who deserves Juliette -- the potion had worn off! Plus, Juliette let it slip that Charlie hadn't so much tried to kiss her as he had kissed her. So while they all fought, Scarlett somehow snuck on stage. However, she didn't make it far before she full-on freaked out, screamed, cried, and hid under the piano. The episode ended with Avery coming to her rescue, and three words from Juliette: "Oh my God."

But let's backtrack for a second, because we can't forget about my favorite scene of the episode, when Rayna went back out to see Deacon after the interview. She wanted to thank him, and he decided to finally have the conversation they've been needing to have for a while. He asked her why she hadn't told him the truth when Maddie was 3 or 5 or 10. Why didn't she give him more time to be her daddy? Sure, he was always a part of her life, but he never got to sing her to sleep or hold her when she was scared. Heck, he might not even know now if it hadn't been for Maddie finding out.

But Rayna had her reasons. "I wanted to be your wife," she told him. "I wanted to us to raise her up together in a wonderful, loving home that you could not provide. I cried myself to sleep about that for a year I wanted it so bad." Then, she said, whenever she thought about telling him, she'd have to think about when was a good time to blow up her kid's life. And when Deacon did find out, it's not like he ran to Maddie and held her. Instead, he got drunk and Rayna nearly died. He might resent her, but she resents him more. And from the looks in their eyes, you can go ahead and replace "resent" with "love." Ugh, those two are the best. Why can't all scenes be the two of them making me feel so many emotions??

So what did you all think of the episode? Surprisingly, I actually found Scarlett less annoying this week, despite her breakdown. Maybe I felt bad for her? What do you want to see happen next with the Luke-Rayna-Deacon of it all? And are you done with Teddy at this point? Discuss!

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