Nashville recap: Three parents is better than one crazy one

Scarlett reaches her breaking point when her mother shows up on tour, while Deacon and Rayna tell the world their story
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 2, 2014

MAMA, CAN YOU HEAR ME? Scarlett O'Connor (Clare Bowen) sings an emotional song to her mother during sound check. Spoiler: It does not go over well.

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Across town, Juliette was still having trouble selling out her gigs. And that's why it was a good thing that her next gig was in Chicago, and a certain super hot someone also happened to be in the windy city. Oh hey, Charlie Wentworth! If it were up to me, I'd have him in every episode (of every show I watch). Thanks to the fact that Charlie owns like half of the radio shows in the world, Glenn thought it would be good for Juliette to meet with him. And luckily for her (and us!), Avery is an incredibly chill person, and he said he thought it was a good idea (ex-lover tidbit set aside).

At the meeting -- a scene that felt very rushed to me -- Charlie agreed to help Juliette before laying a wet one on her. He'd obviously gotten the wrong impression about the meeting, so she quickly set him straight. And in the theme of being ridiculously chill, he still agreed to help her out with the radio situations. There must be something magical in that wig of Juliette's, right? Some sort of calming potion for these men? Well, if there is, she should really spray some in Scarlett's mane ... but we'll get to that later.

In Nashville, Gunnar got his first big royalty check. And by big, I mean huge. The man was deliveredĀ a $400,000 check while helping Zoey pick out head shots. So to celebrate, they rented out a real recording studio and gave Zoey a legitimate demo, one that she decided to take with her to L.A. It's just a temporary thing -- we'll see about that -- but needless to say, Gunnar's romantic gesture backfired. Also, Southern tip: "Sugar daddy" is not a nice word.

On tour, we finally got to meet Scarlett's mother (and Deacon's sister), Beverley. The short of it is that she always wanted to be a famous singer but then she got pregnant, and now she spends her life resenting her child's success while pretending they're besties. Oh, and she's abusive. The first example of this was when the news was released that Deacon was Maddie's biological dad. Let's just say Beverly was very pissed that Scarlett had known and didn't tell her. Arm squeezing and childhood trauma followed.

Speaking of the announcement, Rayna and Teddy were all set to talk to Robin Roberts on Good Morning America when Deacon walked in. He'd decided he was willing to put aside his hatred of Teddy for a few minutes to be honest with the world. And guess what?! Nothing went wrong! Deacon confessed that he was an alcoholic, or rather a drunk, when Rayna found out about her pregnancy, and he didn't blame her for not telling him. Deacon even gave Rayna and Teddy props for how they raised Maddie. Teddy, of course, chimed in on how he loved his daughter, and Deacon let it be known that he, too, has a relationship with Maddie. So what about the more than 900,000 views on her video?! Will she be the next Taylor Swift?! As Deacon put it, "No ma'am."

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