Nashville recap: Who Died?

This show loves a crazy cliffhanger! Two lives hang in the balance after Mr. Mayor's Music City Music Festival
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 11, 2013

FRONTMAN, CENTERED Solo artist Deacon Claybourne has no interest in figuring out "that Tweetering thing," y'all.


Meanwhile, Rayna announces to Jeff Fordham that against the advice of her sister Tandy, her partner in sex and moneymakin' Luke Wheeler, her ex-husband Teddy (with his eyes), and likely anyone with half a brain she'd have asked, she's going to buy herself out of Edgehill so she can release her beloved new album the way she wants to on her own label, Highway 65.

Rayna and Jeff's best interaction occurs when Rayna marches right up to him and a lady-visitor skinny dipping in his lake-sized pool (Jeff's housekeeper is a big fan, Rayna marvels) and the guy doesn't even bother to use a towel after emerging from his private pond. Why would he, really? That thing is probably heated to specifically ward off… you know. Shrinkage.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 7.27.52 PM

Game face, Rayna. Hold it together.

"People don't care about albums," Jeff smugs (a verb, if you're Oliver Hudson) to Rayna as true music fans die a little inside and iTunes says, "Cha-ching!" Jeff wants to drop a few tracks from Rayna's new album -- the one produced by Liam St. Lucia -- and he has the market research to prove that this is financially a good idea. She's all, "F*ck your paperwork," and he's all, "Fine. Give me a check for $20 million." Twenty million dollars. As if!

Rayna's new maybe-boyfriend Luke Wheeler drops her as a love interest instantly, with a mere dainty kiss of the hand, when he finds out she's ditching the label to take control of what she loves: her career. See, Luke Wheeler only loves two things: Money and Jeff Fordham. The way he brushes her off makes me think Jeff might have put his best buddy up to romancing Rayna to boost sales. Not like a direct order or anything, just a suggestion. And after testing the waters a bit, Luke was like "Oh, she's awesome and hot and talented and can still sing after surviving a car crash? Great. Money. Sex! Duet. Money." Etc.

Maybe Luke will hook up with Tandy in that new $$$ corner office of hers. Gross.

Speaking of whom, Tandy solidifies her status as The Worst by offering to come run the business side of Highway 65 with the most cringe-inducing line ever: "Do you think three million dollars would buy me a corner office?" Ugh. Tandy. Doin' Tandy things. She's still keeping quiet on how she turned their father in to the feds, and obviously her guilt is overshadowing her better judgement in terms of Rayna's independent label.

Do you think three hundred pennies would buy Lamar a treat from the prison vending machine?

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