Nashville recap: Who Died?

This show loves a crazy cliffhanger! Two lives hang in the balance after Mr. Mayor's Music City Music Festival
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 11, 2013

FRONTMAN, CENTERED Solo artist Deacon Claybourne has no interest in figuring out "that Tweetering thing," y'all.


Hilariously, Juliette's relentless pretending that she's innocent (though she kind of is, in her heart at least) actually works as she deigns to address the tabloid scum for a few seconds. Inspired by a heart-to-heart (and hand-on-arm touch) with Avery, she firmly announces, "I'm done handing out headlines. My private life is just that. Private. And mine." Girl knows what she's doing. As she reminds disapproving label head Jeff Fordham -- he of the dollar signs for pupils -- the tabloids have been "snacking on me my entire career."

Much to Juliette's surprise, and just as Glenn predicted, her fans would indeed turn on her as soon as the C-word entered the picture. Petty theft is no problem, but get this: Even though county music fans might like a song about cheating, the audience never actually sides with a cheater. As soon as she takes the main stage wearing….

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.24.57 PM


....her so-called fans start calling her mean names. My personal favorite is "poor skank" (yeah, hit her where it hurts!) but the main slur here is that Juliette Barnes is a Home Wrecker.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 7.47.26 PM

What's with the haphazard "-er" on the sign, though? Shoddy craftsmanship! I'd almost call it…. CHEATING the letters out of their rightful spaces on the poster board.

Avery jumps in to rescue a shaken, not stirred Juliette (have we ever seen her this upset onstage?) and duets with her on "Trouble Is." I think their harmony is lovely -- her voice is so full and his so soft and lilting that it almost sounds like his register is higher than hers. But it's an aural illusion! Their chemistry onstage is fantastic, though it could've been amped up by the feeling that he was saving her life out there. It's no wonder Juliette decides, after a final no-chemistry chat with Stupid Charlie, that she's looking for the real thing.

Later, J-Bird shows up on Avery's doorstep and in one of the most romantic moments of the entire series, proclaims she wants "to be a person who gets to say 'I love you' and really mean it…. So…."

And ugh, Scarlett -- here, the human equivalent of a HOME WRECKer sign -- appears in the hallway and the moment intensifies. Juliette apologizes and excuses herself, but the tension between her and Avery -- heck, even among the three of them -- is startlingly strong. Maybe Avery and Juliette don't know for sure what's going on between them. But there's something, and as Avery weakly calls out "Juliette…." from the doorway, we can see him realizing that he is indeed lying to Scarlett by pretending his heart belongs to only her. (She's lying too, so I guess they're even.)

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