Nashville recap: Family Feud

It's Juliette vs. Layla, Deacon vs. Teddy, and Will vs. his demons in "I'm Tired of Pretending"
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 4, 2013

BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU Juliette gently reminds Will to step up his hat game, especially in her presence.

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Layla also questions whether she wants to be Will's fake girlfriend anymore, after Will decides to get hammered, demands some "serious honky tonk" from a bartender, leaps atop the bar, writhes, then dives face-first into a crowd of people holding up beers in one hand and their iPhones in the other. Will is not doing very well. And to complicate things further, his former flame and Edge Hill company man Brent is now babysitting him. Brent is either "all business or a sympathetic friend," Will notices after Juliette ambushes him in a duet Layla had attempted to set up for herself. Brent just seems to come and go willy-nilly. Maybe Brent is the one who dies next week, and it'll propel Will further down his shame-spiral.

Oh heck YES. Maddie and Deacon! Their intricate harmony on "A Life That's Good" -- both music- and smile-wise -- pleases me to no end.

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At the end of the day
Lord, I pray
I'm in the toooooo-o-o-op one percent of the one percent of about-to-happy-cry TV viewers

Maddie's new guitar teacher Deacon (who cares if he currently does not play the guitar, that's not the point) shows up, invited, to his biological daughter's open mic at Two Old Hippies, and Teddy freaks out. I can't blame Teddy for getting emotionally heated here. What he said was true -- he's the one who's been there for Maddie her whole life: birthdays, holidays, highs and lows, hipster glasses phases, etc. Obviously it hurts him to see her share such undeniable chemistry with the guy who was off somewhere else, drunk and disappointing everybody.

The guys nearly come to blows on the street:"Ask her why she's calling me and not the man that raised her!" Deacon thunders at Teddy. I love all the fatherly passion Deacon's showing. But do we really want blood shed between Maddie's two dads?


There's been enough animal violence already.

To retaliate, Teddy cuts Deacon off from the Music City Music Festival. Whatever. The music in Deacon's head is its own festival. Put your political event in your pipe and smoke it, Teddy!

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