Nashville recap: Scarlett Fever

Scarlett chokes (at first) in Tampa, Rayna and Luke duet, and Awful Peggy fakes her own miscarriage
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 20, 2013

MY PRETTY PONY The pink hair gives her confidence!

Mark Levine/ABC

Anyway, that Charlie and Olivia Wentworth storyline already seems passé because Juliette and Avery are really connecting right now. If you must know, Olivia lied to Juliette and told her Charlie had put her up to seducing her because they were both kinky like that within their marriage. Olivia said Charlie "likes to watch." It was pretty obvious to me that she was full of sh*t. I'm basically done with them. And so was Juliette, as she triumphantly ignored Charlie's persistent texts by SUBMERGING HER PHONE IN SPARKLING WATER. (Is that what that was? Either that or it could be an inspired Alka-Seltzer commercial down the line.)

Juliette headed home because she needed a friend. Wait, Avery's her friend! We know this because they've established the friendship out loud dozens of times. He is not a hired hand, just so that is clear. Juliette and Avery had a heart-to-heart about being someone's "flavor of the month" in which Avery tired to connect Juliette's drama with the billionaires to that one time his manager (Marilyn! I caved and looked it up) seduced him with fame and fortune and her body. I really don't see how these two plots are similar at all, and neither did Juliette, but it did give her the opportunity to toss Avery a compliment. "I seriously doubt she saw you as a throwaway," she assured the Bluebird Cafe's mayor on Foursquare.

"You gotta stop giving all these people all your power!" he shot back at her. It seemed like two separate scenes. What's he on about?

Eventually Juliette barged in on a dull Charlie-Olivia restaurant dinner. Charlie definitely didn't know Olivia had kissed her. Lady J called them both sick, narcissistic perverts and said "You know what? I'd rather spend the rest of my life in a double wide than spend another minute around a billionaire bitch like you." What's she even doing there? I don't think she cares about this guy Charlie AT ALL.

But he's in love with her, apparently! Huh? Gross! Where is this going?!

Loose, Gorgeous Connie Britton Wave of the Week:

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.01.41 PM

It was all kinked up tonight -- not usually my thing, Connie Britton Hair-wise, but I liked the symmetry of busy hair/busy pants. Also, come on. Those legs.

Your thoughts on "Hanky Panky Woman"? Should Juliette and Avery hook up/ruin their friendship? Did you know "pork" was an animal? Do you have it in you to even try on lacy leather pants?


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