Nashville recap: Scarlett Fever

Scarlett chokes (at first) in Tampa, Rayna and Luke duet, and Awful Peggy fakes her own miscarriage
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 20, 2013

MY PRETTY PONY The pink hair gives her confidence!

Mark Levine/ABC

Jeff Fordham is evil, but I'm liking the "professional chemistry" between him and Rayna. He knows she's really the one in control, and they're both getting off on that. Professionally. The two of them had some majorly steamy eye contact going on as she coolly sailed by him/looked back at him in the distance/glared at him outright backstage at Luke's concert. I'm not saying they'll be an item or anything. I just dig the charged vibe. The whole episode had a new burst of life to it, don't you think?

Technically Rayna was in Tampa to support her new artist Scarlett. That's the press release version. Rayna was really there to bump uglies with Luke. He's not just "easy, fun, and simple" like Liam St. Lucia. "Luke feels like somebody I could… get serious with," Rayna told her sister, who herself was Rising Out of the Ashes of having nothing to do on-screen. (Seconds later, she fell back into the dust.)

The reigning king and queen of country music, Rayna James and Luke Wheeler, are already sleeping together, so they might as well collaborate on a hit duet! Problem solved: Instead of capitalizing on "the heat" from Rayna's accident, Evil Jeff can digitally release "Ball and Chain," which was expertly penned by…Luke Wheeler! Just kidding. It's Gunnar (some guy Rayna Flames doesn't recognize).

Speaking of duets, how great was it to see Scarlett and Gunnar collaborate again in a low-key hotel pool setting? Pleasant-dreams audio aside, they were like a perfect visual representation of coziness out there. I could curl up and fall asleep in Scarlett's giant knit hobo hat alone. It's pretty clear Gunnar needs her in order to make his magic. Sure, she only threw him that one line, but it's more than that. It's an infusion (of pink hair). Without her, he's lost.

And then there's Juliette. But first, how about this great zoom-in on Manager Glenn's new glasses?

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.02.14 PM

Way to go, Glenn!

NEXT: Olivia might be crazier than Peggy. Ha! Yeah right.

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