Nashville recap: Scarlett Fever

Scarlett chokes (at first) in Tampa, Rayna and Luke duet, and Awful Peggy fakes her own miscarriage
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 20, 2013

MY PRETTY PONY The pink hair gives her confidence!

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Deacon wanted Rayna to pull Scarlett off the tour, but Rayna knew better. She'd been booed so many times -- "I heard 'show me your boobs' so much, you'd have thought it was a hit damn song," she told Scarlett. (Love that. Hit damn song!) As Watty White used to say, steel is forged in fire. We already established that a My Little Pony breathed pink sparkle-fire into Scarlett's mop. Therefore, engulfed in flames of a sort (much like Jeff Fordham's fantasy version of Rayna, see below), Scarlett is made of steel. The next night, she slayed those greedy beer-truckers with her twangy artistry and sweet dance moves.

"Do you wanna hear some country music?" she revved them up. "I can't hear you… do you wanna hear some good country music?" Emphasis mine, not Scarlett's. Nice subtle dig there by the prettiest pony in Tampa.

Are Scarlett's endless series of slightly different braids fascinating anyone else? In addition to the two regular ponies, she went from fishtail to normal braid, then back to fishtail. Did she stand there fishtailing her own mop -- which would take like 40 minutes -- during Luke's set? Oh, why the hell not?

Deacon had flown to Tampa, too. Again, why the hell not? He's not busy, plus he needed to bring Scarlett her crappy old pillow. Deacon may have underestimated Scarlett's toughness, but his concern and support for her was the best. "They're all gonna love you," he promised her. (Liar!) "None of 'em more than me." And later, he grabbed one of Luke Wheeler's terrible fan's beefy arms as the guy was mid-boo and yelled a simple "HEY. Don't do that." Adorable. Deacon!

Ooh, and some good Deacon foreshadowing this week, as Scarlett caught him gazing wistfully at Luke and Rayna's big-arena duet. "I blew every shot at being a solo artist I ever got," he told her. "Well…you ain't dead," she sang. (Yes. Sang.)

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 8.50.25 PM


Meanwhile, Evil Jeff Fordham sent police to Rayna's house. No! she cried. Her father's case has nothing to do with her! Oh, don't worry, said the cops. They wanted nothing to do with Rayna's father's storyline either. Instead, they demanded the tracks Rayna had laid down with Liam (heh heh) for her new album. She was like "Ugh, I have no time for this, I just wanna go have sex" -- but then reluctantly handed over the masters in a leather bag even bigger than the lingerie bag she'd just packed for Luke.

And this is the hell-raising ridiculata Evil Jeff has keyed up for her rushed new material:

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 8.50.51 PM

Oh HELL no. #RaynaFlames

NEXT: Is there a small spark (certainly not the magical late-'90s-VHS-esque hellfire pictured above) between Rayna and Jeff?

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