Nashville recap: Songs From Broken Hearts

Evil label head Jeff demands the Edgehill artists sell themselves as sexy wild animals; has Rayna lost her voice?
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 23, 2013

HERE, YOU DO IT But only for a second, because I got this.

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Juliette (sponsored by Neutrogena) is just trying to live in the moment. And she's never done it better than the way she let herself stew in a sweet and genuine shock right after -- surprise! -- Rayna invited her into the Grand Ole Opry. One acoustic performance on YouTube and she's in?! Achieving country royalty is easier than ever these days.

Juliette's decided she hates Layla Grant more than ever and doesn't want her filling too much time onstage (she does realize what "Open for me" means, right?) so she needs some manpower up in this lady business a.k.a. the Inside the Dream tour. Who's the only character left? Will, of course! Will wails on his guitar so hard during practice that Juliette hires him on the spot. That was easy.

Oh -- Will and his former flame Brent share an arm-gripping moment as Will threatens to explode from excitement after impressing Luke Wheeler. (This is all very confusing because I already think of Will as Luke from The O.C.) But he'll have to get through a showmance first: Jeff Fordham wants #LaylaAndWill to pretend to be a couple. You know, for the social media benefits! #WantToDie

Juliette and Avery are back on track as "friends" -- and I'm only putting it in quotes like that because they're both so insistent on repeating it over and over. After overhearing Luke Wheeler refer to her as "some flash in the pan," Juliette finally understood how Avery had felt at Lord Wealthington's mansion a few weeks ago: "It really sucks when you think someone's got your back and they don't." To be fair, we'd seen zero indication that Luke Wheeler had Juliette's back, ever. He seems like a real jerk.

Avery's got a key to Juliette's recording studio now! Niiiiiice. He turns down touring with her again so he can write more songs with his new boyfriend Gunnar and extend his mayorship of the Bluebird Café on Foursquare.

At Avery's encouragement, he and Gunnar try out a new song -- which I loved, by the way! -- with new girl Zoey. As far as I could tell, her main contribution was that she twirled her hair with one finger as the lyrics demanded literally that. But yeah, she has a pretty voice. The scene was mostly a setup for how clear it is that Zoey's leaning in towards Gunnar instead of Avery, who spent the whole time side-eyeing both of them grooving on each other. "Don't you wanna be my girl?" Turns out Gunnar wrote the song for Zoey after their steamy sexcapade following episode 3's stockholders' showcase (which for some reason I've stored in my brain alongside "Supermarket Sweep").

Yeah, so Gunnar and Zoey are doin' it. I didn't like the look she threw down at him as she left his bed early in the morning -- it was a little "eh, whatever will help me get ahead." But am I reading too much into that? I feel worried for Gunnar, but not worried enough, if that makes sense. The stakes seem pretty negligible so far with Zoey.

Hey, any word from Peggy?

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.44.36 PM


Loose, Gorgeous Connie Britton Wave of the Week:

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 8.43.31 PM

The waves sort of ended abruptly this week, as if they'd been dipped in a pool of happy #WelcomeBackRayna tears. But I'm going with this one for the way the light catches it on the left.

Your thoughts on "Don't Open That Door"? Were you terrified for Rayna? Do you want to see more Deacon/Scarlett duets? Is Gunnar gonna be okay?

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