Modern Family recap: Welcome to Relaxistan

Fizbo returns, and Jay takes a trip to Relaxistan with Phil
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 16, 2011

FIZBO TAKE THE WHEEL Haley and Alex join Cam on a bumpy ride

Peter Hopper Stone/ABC

Speaking of children with issues, Manny and Luke were in a pickle after losing a toy meant for the donation drive. Luckily, Alex, who finally made a significant reappearance after being largely MIA for a few episodes, worked her nerd charms on the group of, erm, nerds who were refusing to give the toy back to Manny and Luke. If I was giving an award for most validating line of the night, it'd definitely go to Alex's, "In the future, your fans will be working for my fans." Wait, I'm the captain of this recap. Consider the line awarded!

Other highlights? The tube dude imitation, which I propose we all take the dance floor. (Just me? Okay.) Cam's truck troubles. Jay's printer flashbacks with Phil. Phil whispering "Thank you" to the sage, which I didn't see until second viewing and howled with laughter. The alpaca. And Mitchell's scream after waking up and seeing Cam had a case of the clowns.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the ep. And your nomination for Most Valuable Quote of the night! But before sharing, let's take in some QUOTABLES:

"Okay, I'm Wonder Woman." --Phil

"In my country, it is considered very, very bad luck when your house burns down." --Gloria

"I sleep clown." --Cam
(*My vote for MVQ!)

Mitchell: Sorry we're late. Cam had a wardrobe crisis.
Cam: This is a somber occasion and all my tops are too joyful.
Mitchell: You do not want our problems.

"At least something got plowed that night." --Mitchell to Cam re: his prom night

Claire: Dad, you don't know what you're missing. Phil is a magician.
Phil: And a licensed masseur. Before I heard the siren song of residential real estate, I was bitten by the rub bug.

Luke: …Yeah, that blows.
Manny: I know we're both shaken up, but let's watch the language.

"Let me burn your clothes." --Haley

"I can't take another farm story." --Jay

"Hey, Alex, maybe uncle Cam will let you borrow his hat later. You know, because you dress like a dude." --Haley

"Uncle Cam, as her future prom date, will you talk to her? You know fashion." --Haley

"…you're both playing for second because I'm too sexy for this truck!" --Cam

Alex: You're really wedged in here. Want us to help guide you out?
Cam (in confessional): That question -- it was like a hate crime.

Phil: You know, the Native Americans believed that burning sage kept the bad energy away.
Jay: Really? How'd that work out for them?

"Let me transport you to a land I call Relaxistan." --Phil

"Oh, like she'll be able to help us." --Cam

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