Modern Family recap: Mamma Mia!

In an episode about Mother's Day, Gloria and Claire take their kids on a hiking trip, while Jay sheds a few tears (and not just from the onions).
Ep. 21 | Aired May 4, 2011

DESPERATE MOTHERS Claire and Gloria bonded over their children. Specifically, over the fact that their kids are driving them insane.

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There were no hidden feelings when it came to Mitchell and Cameron on Mother's Day, however. Mitchell hit a nerve with Cam when he made him breakfast in bed and declared that the holiday was for him. As Cam explained, gay men do not want to be treated like women. That means no baby-shower invites, people!

It turned out, though, that Mitchell has developed a habit of talking about Cam like the woman in their relationship. "Mrs. Pritchett loves to shop." "The wife's not gonna like this." The pancake gesture did not help. Not even the increasingly adorable Lily holding balloons would have smoothed things over.

Things only got worse when they arrived at the park to meet up with their fellow parent friends, who asked Cam to pose for a picture with all the moms. I honestly don't know which moment I loved more: the look on Eric Stonestreet's face as the photo was snapped, or the way he screamed in horror moments later after he accidentally hit a biker with a football. Mitchell's cry for him to lower his arms was equally DVR rewind-worthy.

Later, the whole extended family finally got together for dinner, where Phil spilled the beans that Jay had cried thinking about his mom. And try as he might to prove otherwise, Jay broke down againĀ once Mitchell and Claire started reminiscing about their grandmother at the table. "You only get one mom," he cried to his family. Don't worry, Jay, you weren't the only one crying after that.

His breakdown at the table got everyone else to kiss and make up (well, except for Mitchell, who held things down for the stoic Pritchett fort), including the Dunphy kids, who ran to hug their one and only mom.

This may not go down as one of the all-time greats of Modern Family, but a satisfying episode it most certainly was. It's really too bad Father's Day is in the summer, because there's no doubt they'd give that holiday the proper treatment too.

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