Justified recap: Head for the Hills

The hunt for Drew Thompson momentarily unites Raylan and Boyd, who decide the best man will win (so Wynn Duffy?)
Ep. 05 | Aired Feb 5, 2013

BIG BUSINESS Boyd (Walton Goggins) and Wynn (Jere Burns) make a deal... for those antlers.

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Colton pulled up to bond with Tim while Boyd and Raylan hatched a plan offscreen. Raylan was going to slide the picture he’d brought with him through the door. It was of his mother and one of the hill people, someone his mother called Cousin Mary. One of the guys watching them assumed this was a scheme so Boyd could jump him when he reached in for the photo, so he fired a shot through the door. The other guy, slow Daniel, reached in and dragged Boyd out. “I don’t like your plan, Raylan,” Boyd said. Classic. Right up there with, “I’m Raylan Givens.” “No, I’m Raylan Givens.” Raylan watched through the bullet hole as the other guy beat on Boyd. Boyd fought back, Daniel called for help, and Raylan got his hands free and got out to help. He punched Daniel and took his rifle. It would have been interesting if the rifle had actually been loaded. But a rock fell on Daniel when he was young, and they can’t trust him with a working gun. (That reminded me of Cotton Top, the illegitimate son of Ellison Hatfield. Only they gave that boy a gun, which got him hanged. At least according to History's Hatfields & McCoys. And bonus points to commenter CoDynasty99, who pointed out that Daniel is played by Sons of Anarchy's Filthy Phil, actor Christopher Reed. If you don't watch SOA and missed Walton Goggins' cameo as transgender escort Venus Van Dam, CLICK HERE.)

It was sweet that Raylan and Boyd made it known that Daniel wasn’t the one who let them out. That, combined with Raylan’s plea that he was kin (despite not knowing any real family history), is probably why Daniel went and found the photo and took it to Mary. She saw Frances in Raylan and told them not to kill him. Boyd, they could have. Ha! Raylan reluctantly had to save him, explaining that he’d have to report Boyd’s death because he’s a Marshal. They were both free to walk with Mary as she told them she nursed Drew back to health and then one day, he was gone. She confirmed that Bo and Arlo had taken the cocaine, and that the last time she saw Drew was nearly 10 years ago at a bluegrass festival. He was rubbing shoulders with the mayor, judge executive, and other rich Clover Hill folks.

As Boyd and Raylan headed back to their cars, Boyd said he’d whistle the theme song to Deliverance if he thought Raylan had a better sense of humor. Frances was never embarrassed by the hills in her blood, but Arlo didn’t like her talking about it. Boyd and Raylan may have gotten out of that together (okay, Raylan did all the work), but they’re ready to go their separate ways now -- each hunting the man their fathers went to a great effort to hide 30 years ago. “May the best man win,” Boyd said. And Raylan said they should shake on it… so he could handcuff Boyd to a tree and get a jump. That was also Olyphant’s idea. And Raylan was right, it was funny. Back at the foot of the hills, Colt and Tim were still bonding over their service. When Colt started asking Tim questions about how you find someone, Tim thought he was asking for a job and offered to send him information. Colt just laughed. Raylan returned and told Tim to call Vasquez and have him put a hold on Arlo’s deal -- they know Drew is in Harlan. Raylan also told Colt to take a saw when he hikes about a mile up the trail to find Boyd. That was kind of him.

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