Justified recap: Head for the Hills

The hunt for Drew Thompson momentarily unites Raylan and Boyd, who decide the best man will win (so Wynn Duffy?)
Ep. 05 | Aired Feb 5, 2013

BIG BUSINESS Boyd (Walton Goggins) and Wynn (Jere Burns) make a deal... for those antlers.

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Wynn and Boyd went in the back to talk. Boyd put his gun on the table, and Wynn a wad of cash. He was going to ask him to help find Drew. Raylan was also looking for someone, and Constable Bob had found her -- Roz. After we established that Bob hadn’t taken her up on her offer for a blowjob and her foot is in a boot, Raylan got her to admit that it was her stepdaddy, Josiah, that had told her to fetch that bag in Arlo’s wall.

Josiah is played by Gerald McRaney, and I know we’re supposed to be excited because this is another Deadwood reunion with Timothy Olyphant, but to me, he will always be Suzanne Sugarbaker’s writer ex Dash on Designing Women. Josiah’s got an ankle bracelet, so he can’t leave his property, which is why he had to send Roz and her boyfriend in when Arlo asked him to retrieve the bag. Raylan needed Josiah to cut to the chase about Drew Thompson’s whereabouts, so he handcuffed him to his car and threatened to drive past his tether line. In our weekly postmortem with showrunner Graham Yost, he says that was Olyphant’s idea. Hilarious. According to Josiah, Drew jumped out of the plane after Waldo Truth and busted both his legs. He got word to Boyd’s daddy, Bo, and Arlo, and they got the cocaine in exchange for finding him a hiding place in the hills to heal. If he’s still alive, that’s where he’ll be, Josiah said. Raylan wasn’t exactly buying it, but he let Josiah go. That was a great shot when the car pulled away and Josiah was flat on the ground.

It’s a good thing Constable Bob left Raylan’s family photos in the trunk of his car, because Raylan needed to find a photo now. It’s the little things that make me love this show: like the reference to Bob’s go bag and another teenager flipping off Raylan (I miss you, Milo Truth!). Raylan drove up to the hills and waited for Tim to come meet him. He couldn’t take Tim with him, since the hill people don’t like outsiders, but he wanted him there to call in reinforcements if he didn’t return. Yost said it was actor Jacob Pitts’ idea to have Tim reading a fantasy book. Guys with PTSD often enjoy entertainment that takes them back to a simpler, happier time. I experienced that after the loss of my father. I think, sadly, a lot of us can relate on one level or another.

Back at Audrey’s, we learned Johnny is “playing Easy Rider” with one of Ava’s girls. At this point, I still thought Johnny could have been the one who nabbed Ellen May, since he made a point of telling Ava that it was futile to be packing up her things now. But Ava has to go through the motions of sending them to Alabama so the other girls don’t suspect anything. Johnny was trying to find out if Ava knew what Wynn had wanted with Boyd. She didn’t.

Up in the hills, Raylan walked until he was captured. He said he comes alone and with peaceful intent… and cut to him being escorted with a bag over his head into a shed. “Hello, Raylan,” we heard. It was Boyd. Yay! This is the first time they’ve seen each other this season. And it was worth the wait.

This scene reminded me of the season 1 finale, when they were forced to work together to survive the cartel shootout. Josiah had told Boyd the same story as he fed Raylan. “Asshole” is the word of the season. That’s what Raylan called Josiah. Boyd was surprised Josiah had set him up. “You got that honor amongst dumbass thieves thing?” Raylan asked. “Dumbass? Coming from the man sittin’ tied up next to me,” Boyd said. Raylan figured out that Boyd was finding Drew for Wynn Duffy, but Boyd said they had more pressing concerns.

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