Justified recap: Truth and Consequences

As Raylan learns more about Lindsey and Drew Thompson, Boyd breaks some news to Billy
Ep. 03 | Aired Jan 22, 2013

RIP, BILLY Boyd (Walton Goggins) tried to stop Billy (Joe Mazzello) from handling the snake that Boyd knew would kill him.

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Mason had Eve in a motel room, questioning her about Drew’s whereabouts. Pause as we think about Raylan versus "The Ice Pick" in a motel room in the season 3 premiere, and about that time Raylan and Arlo drew on each other in a motel. Good times. Mason tortured Eve Justified style -- he's a cool, creative minimalist. “You don’t worry about how long you’re gonna live, you worry about how slow you’re gonna die,” he told her.

Speaking of death, Johnny walked into the bar and was prickly when Boyd asked where he’d been. Lucky for Johnny, Boyd got distracted when the doctor said Jimmy should have been dead hours ago. THE SNAKES WERE MILKED! Also not as deadly as expected: Randall didn’t show for his 6 p.m. showdown with Raylan. Raylan was told Randall packed his locker and left right after Raylan had spoken to him earlier. “Was he scared when he was leaving?” Raylan asked. Ha.

Raylan left the gym and ran into Barnes in the alley. He’d been on the phone saying “it looks like bulls---” to someone (Goines). He accused Raylan of lying when he said he didn’t get anything from the widow and asked if Drew was in there. Nice try, Barnes, but Raylan’s there for personal business. The only people who knew he’d be there were Tim and Eve, so Raylan figured Barnes was working with whoever kidnapped her. Barnes tried to pretend he’d just followed Raylan, thinking Raylan had been holding out on him, but Raylan asked if that would hold up once they pulled his phone records. Raylan wanted to cut a deal with Barnes, but Barnes knew his options were going to prison (not fun for a lawman) or entering witness protection. After finding out who he was scared of, Theo Tonin, and considering the threat that had been made on his family, you understand why he shot himself in the head -- after telling Raylan where to find Eve.

Tim and Raylan led the charge into the motel room right as Mason was about to rape Eve at knifepoint and kill her. Art arrived to tell Eve (and us) that Mason had worked for Theo Tonin. Art played hardball and told Eve if she cooperates, they’ll give her protection. If she doesn’t, they’ll leave her on her own. She said one night 30 years ago, she found Drew burning all their photos. He told her a day or two later, someone would come by and tell her that he was dead -- and as far as she was concerned, he would be. Why would he fake his own death? She finally said it: Drew saw Theo Tonin murder a government informant. Now Theo will send an army after Drew, Tim said. Marshal stiffies again! Eve was rewarded with six men to protect her. Before she left, Raylan asked how she knew where to send Barnes and Goines so he would piece it together -- there were three boxing gyms on the east side. “I told you, I have a gift,” she said. (For scoop on when we'll meet a new proxy for Tonin, read our postmortem.)

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