Justified recap: Truth and Consequences

As Raylan learns more about Lindsey and Drew Thompson, Boyd breaks some news to Billy
Ep. 03 | Aired Jan 22, 2013

RIP, BILLY Boyd (Walton Goggins) tried to stop Billy (Joe Mazzello) from handling the snake that Boyd knew would kill him.

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Johnny, meanwhile, was off meeting with Wynn. Wynn was naturally skeptical of Johnny’s offer to become partners, seeing as how last season Devil had assured him that Johnny would back him in his move against Boyd and Wynn has never heard from Devil (because Boyd killed him). But when Johnny expressed his anger that Boyd, who'd gone against his father, had inherited his kingdom, Wynn wanted to believe him. Last we saw of them, Johnny offered to serve Boyd up and help Wynn kill him. Who do you think Wynn will side with? I mean, the show can survive without Johnny, so is there any question? Maybe Wynn will pull a Limehouse and turn them on each other so he can sell whatever he wants in Harlan, but still, Boyd lives in the end.

After we watched a doctor yank the snake out of Jimmy’s face (Boyd was right there with him, god bless him), we caught up to Tim and Raylan approaching the home of Eve Munro, Thompson’s “widow.” Another Raylan character trait: Never reading the file. He had no idea she was a psychic. In our postmortem, Yost said Timothy Olyphant had become a fan of a psychic show (America’s Psychic Challenge, he thought), and pushed for a psychic to make it into the show this season. Tim told Raylan she’s been arrested for fraud 17 times and local police are investigating recent robberies at several of her clients’ homes.

While Raylan tried to find out if she’d heard from Drew in the last 30 years, Eve used her gift of extrasensory perception through physical contact to read Raylan: “I see so much death around you, both of you,” she told the guys. She knew Raylan was doing something later that day that he knew he shouldn’t. “He does something stupid every day, can you be a little more specific?” Tim deadpanned. She knew he was meeting a fighter later, and Raylan said it was at a boxing gym on the east side at 6 p.m. Remember that, folks.

That conversation was interrupted when a man came to the door. Drop Dead Diva fans know him as Parker (and not all that scary), but this time, Josh Stamberg was playing an FBI agent named Alex Barnes. “Badges, if I’ve seen one badge, I’ve seen a thousand,” Raylan said. Shoutout to the Truth family! Eve had supposedly locked herself in a half bath without a window, but she’d lied. She bolted through the window and got snapped up by a mystery thug outside. It didn’t even occur to me that this guy, Mason Goines, was with Barnes, who said he was there to interview her, too.

“Way to go, assholes,” Art told Tim and Raylan when they were back in the office empty-handed. Art was convinced with three Marshals there, they could have kept eyes on Eve while handling the armed man in the yard. He’s probably right. I don’t know, maybe send Rachel out with them sometime? Or would having the whole team on one case feel too much like a straight procedural? Do we need to save that full-team press for extra-special, big-bad occasions only?

Barnes arrived to throw his weight around. He said the FBI will be handling the Drew Thompson case now. Raylan wasn’t convinced Eve ran since she left her car and phone. But Drew said the FBI wasn’t interested in her, if she'd told them she knew nothing. Raylan was right to think something was up: Eve absolutely knew something about Drew, otherwise she wouldn’t have left, and oh yeah, Drew called Mason -- who threatened to kill him and his family if they didn’t find Drew.

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