Justified recap: Where's Waldo?

While Raylan's bag mystery builds, Boyd fights to keep his business from shrinking
Ep. 02 | Aired Jan 15, 2013

THREE'S A CROWD Lindsey (Jenn Lyon) and Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) before her husband interrupted them.

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As night fell, the lights in the Last Chance Holiness Church tent were on. Ellen May got baptized just before Boyd, Colton, and the young guy whose name I still haven't learned showed up. Billy said he'd prayed that Boyd and his friends would find their way there. "Well, speak of the devil and he will appear," Boyd offered with a smile. As they verbally volleyed, Boyd calmly eased his way down the aisle on the attack. Billy asked Boyd if he was prepared to come forth and be saved, and Boyd, in his usual manner, didn't take kindly to an outsider passing judgment on him. Billy said everyone there and in the towns where he'd served previously would testify to his integrity. Would they to Boyd's? Boyd told him he once stood where he was, asking people for their faith and offering them eternal salvation in return. "But in the end, their faith was not rewarded and mine was shattered," Boyd said.

And then the conversation turned to how they each fill their collection plates. Boyd accused Billy of leaving towns when they stopped donating, and Billy said it's the lord who tells him where and when to go. Boyd quoted John on false prophets (Walton Goggins can preach!) and again accused Billy of being one. Loved those reaction shots of Boyd as Billy referred to Boyd's skepticism as wise and hard-earned. Billy realized he was so blessed, he had no more need of donations: No member of the congregation will give a cent to the church. Cassie shot daggers at Boyd, which only made him smile again. Billy may not need money, but she clearly wants it.

Back to the Marshals office, where Art poured the boys some of that $200 bourbon Patrick had brought him. Art said he was in his second year when that man pancaked on the pavement and cocaine arrived in Harlan. Art had requested the medical examiner's report on the body and, guess what, it had a scar on its ass. So that was Waldo Truth. Now the question is, where's Drew Thompson? Art said he bets Arlo knows.

Remember how we already established Arlo isn't talking? Let's cut to a man, Danny the heroin dealer, with a gag in his mouth. Such smooth transitions this season! Boyd's crew killed time waiting for Danny's boss to show up by talking about the church. It's clear that Cassie pulls the strings, so Boyd said all they have to do is figure out what she wants. Ava brought up another concern: What if Ellen May unburdens her soul and reveals details about Delroy's murder? I'm worried about Ellen May's life expectancy at this point. But no time to dwell on that. Wynn Duffy is back!

Boyd had sent his boys to buy heroin in Wynn Duffy's territory in Frankfort and matched it with what Danny was peddling locally. Wynn apologized and said it would not happen again. But Boyd didn't want an apology, [now shouting] he wanted to be Wynn's partner. Next to Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess, Wynn Duffy's reaction shots are my favorite on TV. He was amused at Boyd's enthusiasm over a proposition that he had absolutely no intention of accepting: Boyd offered to be his Harlan distributor and split the profits down the middle. Wynn said even if he was looking for a partner, which he's not, it'd have to be someone he could trust.

Boyd: Well, you can trust me.

Wynn: But I don't even trust the way you just now said I could trust you.

Proving Boyd has no idea who he's dealing with, he threatened to kill Danny if Wynn didn't reconsider. Wynn sighed, then shot Danny in the head himself. Boyd was definitely surprised, as was Johnny. The guns were lowered and Wynn explained that any dealer silly enough to poach Boyd's territory isn't welcome in his crew. Wynn's crew took the body and Boyd said he'd clean up the mess as a trust-building exercise. Wynn went to leave but turned around: He asked Boyd if he knew why Arlo had killed the Dixie Mafia soldier in prison. Boyd looked to Ava and Johnny, and they knew nothing about it obviously. Wynn suggested Boyd talk to Arlo. Boyd said he'd get back to him. So it'll be a race to see who can solve this Drew Thompson mystery first?

The episode ended how it started, with Raylan helping Lindsey with her bar work and trying to have sex. Apparently he told her all about his day and the case -- again, not smart, I'm thinking. Eventually, after stating the obvious -- they're both hot -- they stopped talking and were about to get busy on the bar when Randall walked in. Raylan told him they were DEFINITELY closed, and he said that's fine: "I just need to have a quick word with my wife." [Record scratch.] If the promo for next week is any indication, this is gonna be fun.

Your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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