Justified recap: Where's Waldo?

While Raylan's bag mystery builds, Boyd fights to keep his business from shrinking
Ep. 02 | Aired Jan 15, 2013

THREE'S A CROWD Lindsey (Jenn Lyon) and Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) before her husband interrupted them.

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Next we saw Ellen May, she had gone to see Preacher Billy to tell him she couldn't be a part of his church. Why did Cassie try to keep Ellen May from seeing Billy? Was he really busy, or does Cassie know the kind of trouble Ellen May brings with her? I am so enjoying seeing a sober, soft Ellen May. Abby Miller was wonderful in that conversation with Joe Mazzello -- crying when Ellen May admitted she'd done unspeakable things and couldn't be forgiven, and smiling when she listened to Billy tell her she was wrong. Billy's plan: to shame those who tried to shame her. That will go well.

Fittingly, the next two scenes were fights. We cut from Raylan's still unnamed bar intruder fighting MMA-style in a backyard ring for cash and Boyd's buddy Colton punching a guy named Danny, who he'd caught hanging around the brothel trying to sell heroin in Boyd's backyard. Boyd said he wanted to meet Danny's boss, then he got pulled away by Ava to come hear children carrying the church's $1,000,000 bills singing "Shall We Gather at the River?” -- the song that the Temperance Union marchers sing at the beginning of The Wild Bunch.

Boyd still wasn't ready to go to the church, though it was time for him to go pump Sheriff Shelby Parlow, who wants out of Boyd's pocket, for information. He told Boyd that Billy and Cassie have been in five hard-up cities in three years. He thinks they're just trying to get communities back on track, which he's fine with if it means Harlan residents stop spending the little money they have on drugs and whores. Boyd, however, thinks they chip away at the criminal element's enterprise until said criminals pay them to pack up their tent and leave.

Money was also the topic of conversation for Randall, the guy who almost fought Raylan in the bar and won his backyard bout. "What about that other thing? How soon can your boys get what I want?" Randall asked the promoter. The guy said when Randall has the money, he'll make the call. Another mystery! What does he want? A gun? We've yet to find out. But we did learn that Raylan probably can't take Randall, who took care of two guys who wanted reimbursed for the money they lost betting against him without breaking a sweat. This sort of reminds me of how nervous we felt the first time Raylan came face-to-face with Quarles and didn't know about his rail gun. We get to be nervous when Raylan's around Randall and doesn't know his hands are lethal weapons.

By this point, Raylan, Art, and Tim had now had enough time to dine and park near the mailbox where Waldo Truth's check was delivered. Raylan was snoring, which is just the ultimate cool guy move, right, falling asleep when you're awaiting a potentially dangerous situation (think astronaut Gordon Cooper nodding off on the launch pad). Really though, this was a way for us to learn that the entire office, including Art, is aware that Raylan has been exhausting himself, and probably not as an exotic dancer (which was Gutterson's jab). Art reminded Raylan it's against Marshal policy to do anything on the side, and Raylan quickly changed the subject to Art's pending retirement. That's when Milo Truth rode up on his bike to pick up the check.

I love that this 13-year-old kid not only made them as they tailed him in the car, but also started yelling, "Help! We've got some pervies!" as he rode up to his family's home. Judd, Waldo's eldest, did most of the talking encouraging the Marshals to leave. "Hey, he's stealing your bit," Tim told Raylan when Judd started a countdown. It would have gone sideways had Mother Truth not come outside. "They don't look like perverts, well maybe that one," she said, looking at Art. Notice how it was only after she came out that Raylan really got serious holding his gun. He knows from Mags what kind of power mothers hold in the hills. After Art told the Truths the checks would stop until they found Waldo, Mother told her daughter to go call around for him and invited the Marshals in.

That was another great scene, Mother casually telling them the "romantic" story of how she met Waldo while Art confiscated the Truths' weapons, Raylan tried to stir a dead guinea pig before Milo flipped him both fingers, and Tim watched Judd smoke a joint ("Oh, I got the glaucoma real bad") and pass it to his sister. "Waldo" finally arrived, produced ID, and confirmed he was the same Waldo Truth who was convicted of armed robbery in 1971 and served 11 years. He claimed not to know anything about the ID found with the bag or Arlo Givens, so they cuffed him and told him he was under arrest for a 1982 parole violation.

"Waldo" admitted he was actually Harold, who agreed to pretend he was Waldo so the family could collect. Milo pulled a gun, then Tim pulled his. Raylan asked Mother to tell Milo to put his down, and she did, but Raylan had to take the gun and park the kid on his ass. Then, Raylan explained all the charges they were going to haul them in on, so Mother would start talking. She admitted she hasn't seen Waldo in almost 30 years, since a pilot came and took Waldo away for a job and said he was never coming back. "And you were okay with that?" Art asked her. "Of course, I was. Waldo was an asshole," she said. "I thought he was romantic," Tim quipped. I love Tim. Such a great delivery. Mother said he was romantic until they wed, and then he beat her. It got so bad, she once stabbed him in the butt cheek. Once Art figured out the pilot's name was Drew Thompson, he told Raylan and Tim they were leaving. All they did was take the guns. In our postmortem, Yost says that's probably the last we'll see of the Truths. Pity.

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