Justified season premiere recap: Hide and Seek

Raylan and Boyd have secrets to keep, as Arlo sets a mystery in motion
Ep. 01 | Aired Jan 8, 2013

WHAT ABOUT BOB? Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) turns to Constable Bob (Patton Oswalt), who's no Trooper Tom

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Boyd had frustrations of his own. He held court in the backroom of his bar with Johnny and Ava contemplating why Oxy sales had fallen. Ava doesn’t think it’s just the backwoods preacher, and since we know Johnny has betrayed Boyd in the past, I’m guessing she’s right. Boyd sent Johnny off to figure it out, and he and Ava discussed Ellen May. “No one ever said runnin’ a criminal enterprise was gonna be this hard, huh?” Boyd groaned to Ava. “They left that part out on career day,” Ava said, patting him on the back. Another tender moment between Bonnie and Clyde.

Ava went out to the bar to get Boyd a Dr. Pepper, and a straggly man seated there asked if Boyd was in. Of course, he was told no, and of course, he figured out they were lyin’. It turns out he’s a friend of Boyd’s from Desert Storm, Colton Rhodes (Ron Eldard), former military police. “How many times did you jail my ass in Kuwait? I say five. Am I low?” Boyd asked him, introducing him to Ava, Johnny, and the young guy who’s name I’m not gonna bother to learn until I’m sure he’s not too dumb to get himself killed. That was a great delivery by Walton Goggins. I’ve missed Boyd.

I wonder who Raylan would have called to come help him track down his car -- and Jody -- if we hadn’t met Constable Bob. Bob was all too eager to help, after Raylan agreed to pull on him (“Beef stew,” Bob said, pretending to stab Raylan with his knife) and listened to the contents of Bob's AK-47 and body armor-filled go bag (“This sh-- goes Road Warrior, man, I’m ready. You gonna come to me”). Say what you want about Bob, but he knew to go to the scrap yard where Raylan’s car was probably being crushed for parts. Bob got to use his lights as they sped off. That made his year, I’m sure.

Raylan’s car was safe when they got to the scrap yard, but Jody and the bag were gone. Raylan’s got a short fuse this season and isn’t afraid to punch. I approve. While he tried to beat information out of the crusher man (Bob’s term) about where Jody and the kids were -- and keep Bob from making this into a federal bust -- Jody convinced the kids to cut off his cuffs because he was the only one who was prepared to kill whoever found them. Jody had time to tell us how bicycle thieves are largely heroin addicts, so if you want to rob heroin dealers, you look for rich kids’ bikes, then follow whoever steals them. Makes sense. But Roz didn’t have time to give him the gun before Raylan walked in. Jody told her to shoot him. “Jesus, girl, you just showed me your tits 45 minutes ago,” Raylan said. Ha!

From there, things just got crazy/awesome. Raylan identified himself as a Marshal and offered to let Roz and Benny off the hook for stealing his car if she turned over the gun. She was about to do it when the crusher man, Henry, walked in holding Bob hostage. Raylan had asked Bob to watch Henry, but Bob had asked Henry to pull on him, and so Henry punched Bob in the nose. That’s a nice payoff to that earlier bit.

Did you notice how Raylan never even pulled his gun at this point? He offered Henry immunity, too, but it seems Jody promised everyone $10,000 if they helped him. “Jody, you got $10,000 stuck up your ass?” Raylan asked him. Roz said they weren’t stupid, it was hidden up in Lexington. Raylan couldn’t even deal with this. He offered them a chance to walk and the $500 in his wallet. Roz wasn’t stupid, so she told Henry to check Raylan’s wallet -- $12 and a Piggly Wiggly card. Ha. But that got Henry close enough for Raylan to elbow him in the face and pick up his gun.

Bob ran toward Jody, who kicked him in the nuts, and Jody grabbed Roz’s gun and took her hostage. Jody told Raylan to go ahead and shoot, but he might hit her instead. That’s when Bob came to the rescue: he knifed Roz in the foot, which gave Raylan a chance to smack Jody down. That’s a little homage to Speed (“Shoot the hostage”), which Yost also wrote. Just like the judge can’t report why he was shot, Raylan can’t report that his car was stolen with a bail jumper in the trunk, so he gave Roz and Benny another out. He knew they didn’t care about the copper wire or his car, they’d just wanted the bag at Arlo's. He asked why. We didn’t hear the answer, if there was one. Commercial.

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