Grey's Anatomy recap: Isn't Fraternizing Fun?

A non-fraternization policy puts the couples under a microscope, but doesn't quite stop anything
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 6, 2014

HAND CHECK Owen (Kevin McKidd) calls a meeting to inform that staff that they all legally have to keep their hands to themselves. 

Eric McCandless/ABC

In one of my favorite moments of the episode, Alex was already sick of hiding his relationship with Jo. But when she pulled him into a closet to talk about it, they found a topless Jackson (my favorite kind) and a topless April. Better yet, Webber walked in on all four of them. God, I love this hospital.

Fed up with her situation, Jo went to Stephanie to tell her that Jackson and April were still together. But surprise! Stephanie didn't file the complaint. Stupid Leah did. Luckily, Shane was there to inspire everyone with a speech. Yes, Shane. He told them that this job was a privilege and a gift, "and we are squandering it." They let distractions get in the way of their work, but no more! It was residents to the rescue as they worked together to come up with a plan to save Rory. And they did! Sadly, though, it was too late. Rory had bled out. The good (but really horrible) news: Rory's sister had the same gene, so at least their research could potentially save her life. On a musical note: The version of "Man in the Mirror" that was playing during all of this gave me chills. These are the music moments we love you for, Grey's! And while I'm on the topic, that version of "Don't You Want Me" was also pretty great.

In a meeting with the board, Alex lost his cool. He refused to be punished for kissing his girlfriend at the place that was built "on all of you feeling each other up in an on-call room." He does have a point, and I get that they basically live at the hospital, but was it just me, or did not acting affectionate at work not seem like a big deal? They told him they could still do whatever outside of work, so why is it a big deal? I guess it's different when they spend all their time at the hospital.

Regardless, there was one couple this new policy wouldn't affect no matter what. Finally, April and Jackson told the board that they couldn't be in trouble, because they had gotten married the day of the wedding -- April's other wedding. Congratulations and one dirty look from Jo followed.

From one cute couple to the next, Bailey let Ben go play with his friends, a.k.a. the other residents at Joe's after work, and Derek and Meredith? Well, it's complicated (but at least it's sexy). McDreamy got a call from the White House. They wanted him on the advisory board to run this new project. And although Meredith was happy for him, she can't take her career to the next level while he runs a project. But instead of fighting about it -- thank God -- Meredith gave in to those piercing blue eyes and that perfect head of hair. They had sex because three weeks is simply too long to go without it. Plus, she finds presidential appointments sexy. Who doesn't?! They agreed to fight, you know, after.

So what are your thoughts on the episode? Were you as pleasantly surprised with how much you liked the couples? I even found the residents more enjoyable this week. Ben's a great addition, and the group as a whole had a better chemistry about it (though I still want Leah gone). And are you as worried about Calzona as I am? Most importantly, how long until Dr. Burke shows his face around these halls?! Sound off in the comments!

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