Grey's Anatomy recap: Isn't Fraternizing Fun?

A non-fraternization policy puts the couples under a microscope, but doesn't quite stop anything
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 6, 2014

HAND CHECK Owen (Kevin McKidd) calls a meeting to inform that staff that they all legally have to keep their hands to themselves. 

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The two patients of the episode were being treated for very different reasons: Rory was a 16-year-old girl who'd already experienced three different types of cancer. Every time she beat one, she'd get another. And then there was a girl who'd been stuck in a trash chute for days and had her leg caught in the compactor. Yeah, that was gross.

Rory's case was a bit of a mystery, so Richard created an old-fashioned resident challenge! And the competition was made that much more intense by the fact that Jo was convinced that Stephanie filed the complaint to the board, which meant she hated her. Jo felt like she was the only one being affected by the non-fraternization policy, so she ran to talk to Alex. A screaming match quickly erupted with the entire hospital watching. Then, suddenly, Alex told her they were done. And just as I went to scream and rant about how random that was, we realized they'd faked it. Ugh, they're cute.

After work, the twisted-sisters-turned-complicated-women, Meredith and Cristina, had given up their days of tequila and swapped their shot glasses for wine glasses. Meredith talked about how she enjoyed torturing Derek while Cristina went on and on about how Emma was probably using window treatments and place mats. She said she wanted Owen to be happy, but if he has kids with Emma, that will be the end of them. The divorce was just a piece of paper, but kids? Kid would be final nail in the coffin. You don't mess with a dad.

Speaking of dads, Derek came home after his interview was canceled. As Cristina put it, "the president dumped him." So with an unopened bottle of wine in hand, Cristina took a cab to Owen's. Let me take a brief break here to talk about how much I love drunk Cristina and her "kiss to the girls" hand gestures and whatnot. These people need to drink more often! Okay, back to Owen. Cristina congratulated him on potentially moving in with Emma, but he informed her that Emma wasn't there tonight. She went in, and the two drank wine and discussed things like how he was making it impossible for her to get laid with this new policy and window valances, because why not? But then he touched her hand, and there might as well have been literal sparks flying. Slowly, she put her arm around him, and then he touched her face. They couldn't deny their ridiculous chemistry, and so just like that, they joined the episode sexcapades (which currently involved Jolex and Calzona)! I have missed these amazing Cristina-Owen moments! Honestly, their chemistry is out of this world. Also, they're going to have to move that to the bed. Sex in a trailer is not easy, guys. (Ask Addison.)

The next day at work, Emma found Owen and told him she had something to get off her chest: She wants two or three kids, and she's going to stop working once she has them in order to raise them until they're in school. That seemed like it would be Owen's dream, but a lightbulb seemed to go off when he ran into Derek later. Derek, thinking he didn't get the White House gig, was talking about how boring regular neurosurgery seemed now that he knew what was out there. Owen, looking at Cristina, realized he had the same problem. At Joe's that night, he told Emma that they were over. He wants to go home with someone who's equally as passionate about her work, and Emma plans on, one day, giving up surgery to be with her kids. "I want to come home at night and exchange O.R. stories," he told her. "We want different things." FINALLY! So all it took for Owen to drop the kid thing was meeting someone who was actually willing to give them to him?! If I'd known that, I would've set him up a lot earlier. Now, go get your woman, Owen!!!

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