How I Met Your Mother recap: Those Legendary Nights

Robin has a crash landing, Barney and Ted go mariachi, and Lily romps with Ranjit
Ep. 21 | Aired Apr 16, 2012

MASTERFUL MARIACHI Barney enlists Ted  to join him on a series of epic nights...but what's the real reason behind Barney's mischief? 

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Back at WWN, Robin finds that a vending machine has been placed over her smiling, shining face and painstakingly forks over her ID as she realizes that her pretty face ain’t gonna do her much good for now. Enter Sandy Rivers, and he’s got something huge, something big, and he wants Robin on it. No, get your mind out of the gutter: It’s a breaking story for Robin that puts her in a helicopter to report on… traffic.

As Robin patrols the skies, Barney tries to entice Ted with The Night We Stole a Mummy From the Natural History Museum or The Night We Partied With the Mole People. Again, Ted is not having it. There’s only one thing left for Barney to do at this point, and he locks Ted out of his apartment. Annoyed, Ted heads to MacLaren’s to use the phone to call his superintendent.

Things aren’t getting any less awkward in the limo as Marshall is nagging Lily for the nitty gritty details of her tryst with Ranjit, while Ranjit hilariously keeps messing with the partition so he can also hear about his performance. Finally fed up with Marshall's pestering, Lily has Ranjit pull the car over, and heads to The Lusty Leopard for some female advice from Quinn. Marshall decides to pore over his martial woes with Ranjit over dinner.

At the bar, an annoyed Ted is telling Barney that all nights can’t be legendary. “If all nights are legendary, no nights are legendary,” counters Ted in all his brilliance. Barney, referencing his Game of Life point system, doesn’t care.

Back in the sky, Robin is expressing her work frustration to the helicopter pilot, but as he’s about to instill his sage wisdom upon her, he has a stroke, leaving a stricken Robin pilot-less above the streets of New York. Down below, all eyes are on the stranded anchor. Ted and Barney anxiously watch news updates from the bar, Quinn and Lily hold each other at The Lusty Leopard, and Marshall watches the news unfold from his phone at the restaurant.

There was never any doubt whether Robin would make it out okay, but I was curious how this little freak mishap would play out. Not only did Robin land the helicopter safely with instructions from the ground, but she also gained the instant fame she’d been looking for (admit it, that Scherbatsky sandwich looked pretty damn good), and best of all, that vending machine was pushed over to cover Sandy’s face instead. As news of her safety spread, Robin was inundated by calls from all her friends and family. But would she get one from Ted? I really wasn’t sure. At the last minute, a text appeared: I know we’re not talking right now…but I just want you to know…I’m glad you’re okay. It was from Ted, and a small ray of hope appeared that these two were heading down the road to friendship again.

Two other revelations before we go: Marshall realizes Lily’s sex dream was about Ranjit because Lily is attracted to great dads, and Barney discloses that the real reason he’s been trying to make nights legendary is so his poor, lovelorn self won’t have to think about what Quinn is doing at work. There is just so much love in the How I Met Your Mother air!

So, Mother mavens, thoughts on tonight’s episode? Were you tickled pink to see Marshall holding a color wheel? Did you have any doubts that Ted would reach out to Robin? With three episodes left of the season, how will it all end?! Let's discuss in the comments below.


"The only person we’re calling is everyone we know because tonight’s “The Night We Tracked Down Phil Collins, became best friends with him, and talked him into reuniting with Peter Gabriel, so then we got to sing back-up on the new Genesis album and it was  awesome." --Barney

Quinn: And I should go. Time to make the doughnuts.
Barney: Ha, more like time to make some dough, sitting on some nuts. She’s a stripper. I’m dating her. Barney wins.

Barney: Okay, you’ve caught me Vermillion-handed. The truth is, I’ve spent the last five years trying to Inception your wife.
Marshall: That movie only came out two years ago.
Barney: What movie?

Barney: I was sitting at home last night and I had a Piphany!
Ted: Actually it’s epiphany.
Barney: No Ted, this is THE piphany.

Ranjit: Should I take the West Side Highway?
Marshall: Why not, Ranjit? Don’t you always just take whatever you want regardless of anything but your own dirty, sick, twisted appetites?
Ranjit: I’ll just stay on Broadway.

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