How I Met Your Mother recap: Those Legendary Nights

Robin has a crash landing, Barney and Ted go mariachi, and Lily romps with Ranjit
Ep. 21 | Aired Apr 16, 2012

MASTERFUL MARIACHI Barney enlists Ted  to join him on a series of epic nights...but what's the real reason behind Barney's mischief? 

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But to backtrack ever so slightly, as Lily pointedly asks Marshall what the hell he is doing getting so up close and personal with her visage at WWN, he swiftly changes the subject by pointing out a mammoth poster of Robin and Sandy Rivers that is currently occupying the wall of the reception area. I was trying to concentrate on Robin's pathetic attempts to hide her great pleasure at being plastered on the wall, but good God, Sandy Rivers’ glaring white teeth, overly large mouth, and bewitchingly evil eyes were baring holes through my TV screen and straight into my soul. How can such an attractive man look so horrifying? The question will haunt me to my core as I lay in bed tonight…

Robin offers to show Marshall and Lily her office digs, but gets stopped by a curmudgeonly security guard who asks for some ID, despite the fact that Robin’s face is super-sized just behind him. (Also, did anyone else think their TV had frozen when voiceover Ted’s pause went on a little too long?) Speaking of Ted, Robin asks Lily and Marshall how he’s doing, and we are issued a sad reminder montage that the two have been on the outs since the I-don’t-know-how-manyth-time Ted unsuccessfully attempted to rekindle their relationship.

They tell Robin that he’s pretty good, and back at the bar, Ted is seemingly satisfied with that response. He did demolish a box of Fruit Loops just last night in the buff...but no matter, because Barney is having a piphany. Not an epiphany, THE piphany, which is that he wants to make every night from now on legendary. With those words, the weak (a.k.a. Lily and Marshall) Road Runner their way out of the bar, and the first of many ludicrous nights begin. Things kick off with:

The Night We Started a Mariachi Band – Ted and Barney don sombreros, charro outfits, mustaches, and position themselves in the center of MacLaren's, but that was nothing compared to mañana, which brought…

The Night We Ate Everything on the Menu – Ted and Barney gorge, but that couldn’t top...

The Night We Brought A Horse Into the Bar – Exactly how it sounds, followed by...

Well, it would have been The Night We Bungee Jumped Off the Statue of Liberty, but Ted vetoed that idea when Barney turned up outside his door with bungees in hand. The would-be bungee fiasco also happened to be the night of Lily and Marshall’s highly anticipated dinner, where Marshall was pulling out all the stops, including a limo ride with New York City’s favorite driver Ranjit! The door opens, Ranjit stands outside, and...what’s that? Lily’s face turning a shade of brilliant…vermillion?! Sex dream culprit: Identified!

NEXT: Robin flies and falls from the skies

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