House of Cards recap: Episodes 3 and 4: Are You All In?

The plot thickens, leading to one doozy of a concluding scene
Ep. 03 | Aired Feb 2, 2013

MASTER OF HIS DOMAIN Ballots. Betrayal. Barbecue.

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Alas: Zoe, like so many ambitious millennial sharks before her, doesn’t want to spend her days parroting canned statements from the press secretary. She turns down the job and walks away from the paper for good… but only after engaging in a suggestive late-night phone call with Frank. Thought it’d take more than four episodes for House of Cards‘s central platonic relationship to turn sexual? Think again.

Some new developments with Frank’s cold Lady Macbeth help to soften the blow of his imminent adultery. See, Claire’s (Robin Wright) got a piece on the side as well: Adam Galloway (Ben Daniels), handsome globetrotting photographer and Mrs. Underwood’s apparent ex-boyfriend. After Adam comes back to town, Claire agrees to meet him in a hotel room… and before long, they’re rubbing faces like a pair of lions in heat. Soon, though, she stops in medias makeout and tells Adam that the two of them “can’t start this again.” Let’s see how long that resolve lasts once she learns about her husband’s own extracurricular activities.

Which leads us to the end of episode 4. Zoe drunk dials Frank, who soon asks for her address. And while he’s obviously horrified at her tiny, messy apartment, he doesn’t flinch as she stares at him. “Are you cared for?” he asks in a tone that’s both paternal and predatory. “Do you have a man who cares for you? An older man?” Zoe establishes that she doesn’t, but she has been with older men before (of course) — and when Frank says, “Then you know they hurt you,” she replies, “You can’t hurt me.” He asks Zoe to take off her heels, and she obeys. He tosses down  his briefcase. Scene. While I do think their relationship is more interesting if they don’t sleep together, I can’t deny that that closer was magnetic.

Also, Rep. Peter Russo does a bunch of drugs, then promises to stop doing so many drugs, then does even more drugs and loses his girlfriend/employee Christina. Progress!

How far into House of Cards are you? And what do/did you think of the series at the 1/3 mark?

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