Homeland season finale recap: Clean Slate

Carrie tries to extract Brody, but Javadi hunts them down. Meanwhile, Lockhart officially replaces Saul as the head of the CIA
Ep. 12 | Aired Dec 15, 2013

SO LONG, MARINE ONEĀ Brody's exit leaves a significant void on the show that will certainly affect Carrie the most -- after all, he is the father of her child and her reason for pursuing the Tehran mission in the first place. Even so, his death means hitting the reset button for the show, and we'll have to wait until season 4 to see how that plays out.

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No matter what Carrie or Saul tries, this was inevitable. Javadi's only play left had to be capturing Brody or the mission would fail. And even though Saul reaches the CIA and calls Dar and Lockhart "f--king pussies," Lockhart calmly admits that he did, on the president's authority.

Dar, slippery as he's always been, says he didn't have a choice and felt it necessary to sacrifice Brody. "It's your legacy we're trying to protect, Saul," Lockhart says, chiming in. But Saul's having none of it. "Honestly, I don't know what the f--k we're doing here anymore," he says as he leaves the room.

Carrie's in the same boat. After picking up her things at the hotel, she's taken by two of Javadi's men again and brought to face him, during which she vents her frustration at the entire situation.

"You misunderstand me," Javadi tells her as she starts threatening him. "You have from the very beginning... I think you of all people will understand that no one's just one thing." Carrie still looks confused, but Javadi tells her everything: Brody's in custody and was brought out in front of a military tribunal that morning. His sentence? Death by hanging. "It's out of my hands, Carrie," he says, almost apologetically. "A public execution is scheduled for tonight."

Carrie protests, about to run through her list of threats, but Javadi stops her. "What will you do, Carrie? Burn it all down? Everything you worked for?" he asks. "The plan is a success. You and Brody pulled it off."

"Not if he dies," she says, tears dramatically welling in Claire Danes' eyes. "More so if he dies," Javadi replies.

At this point, it's clear that Carrie's the one making less sense -- that she's going off of her feelings for Brody more than anything, and not considering how the mission's at stake. Javadi knows this too. "It was always about him," he tells her. "That's what you care about, maybe the only thing... What he did, there can be no debate. It was astonishing and undeniable and what you wanted was for everyone to see in him what you see. That has happened. Everyone sees him through your eyes now. Saul, Lockhart, the president of the United States... Even me."

Carrie, hearing this, blinks back tears and shakes as she asks to see Brody one more time. Javadi says Brody's at peace in his cell, but Carrie won't let it be. She asks for two minutes on the phone, and Javadi finally relents.

From there we see Brody in his cell, seemingly, as Javadi said, at peace. He picks up the phone the guard offers him, and even though Carrie immediately rants about what she'll do to try to get him out, he quiets her and explains that he's ready to face death. "Carrie, it's over," he says. "Not even the almighty Saul can stop it now. You're wasting your time. Holding out false hope isn't helping anyone. I want it to be over."

Carrie's about to cry again, but Brody tells her he's okay, and that she should avoid coming to the hanging. Carrie, being Carrie, refuses to obey. "I have to be there, I will be there," she says. But he only tells her goodbye, and puts down the phone as she begs for a few more seconds on the line. Finally, the call ends, and Carrie cries.

And at this point, there is definitely no way the show will pull off a miraculous save for Brody's life -- it's too clear a message that this is the last time Carrie speaks to Brody, and that he's going to die. It's only halfway through the finale, but the show is ready to off a once pivotal character.

Thus, we spend less time with Brody in these final scenes involving him. We watch Saul get a call from Carrie and tell her he's sorry over and over, with nothing to be done. And all she can do, after proposing an appeal to human rights organizations, is repeat the phrase "Oh my God" until the call ends.

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