Homeland season finale recap: Clean Slate

Carrie tries to extract Brody, but Javadi hunts them down. Meanwhile, Lockhart officially replaces Saul as the head of the CIA
Ep. 12 | Aired Dec 15, 2013

SO LONG, MARINE ONE Brody's exit leaves a significant void on the show that will certainly affect Carrie the most -- after all, he is the father of her child and her reason for pursuing the Tehran mission in the first place. Even so, his death means hitting the reset button for the show, and we'll have to wait until season 4 to see how that plays out.

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Carrie and Brody drive through the desert, as Brody looks out the window. It's a quiet, reflective scene for him -- as he stares out at the barren landscape, he tells Carrie he was born in the Mojave Desert, where his father was stationed. It's a tidbit of his backstory we'd never known, and as it turns out, neither did Carrie. (It's a little hard to believe that she didn't, considering how much she knows about him. Oh well.)

Brody is clearly lost in his thoughts, even though at this point, he's technically safe. And after they pull up to the safehouse, Brody continues to lose himself. Carrie is in her agent mode, checking the safehouse out, but Brody washes his hands in the bathroom and peers at himself in the mirror. He's calmed down considerably since the murder.

Back at the CIA HQ, the Tehran mission team watches reports about Akbari's death. Dar heads in to discuss the extraction plan, in which a team will move in through Afghanistan to move Brody. It's an unrehearsed operation, but given that Saul's still in charge -- for another 11 hours and 10 minutes, Dar says -- they'll move forward with the extraction.

At the safehouse, Carrie offers Brody some blankets and has a tense conversation that immediately chills the air between them. "Want to tell me what's going on with you?" Carrie asks her asset, which is a tad insensitive, considering what Brody had just done. Brody realizes this and fills her in on his thoughts: "I just took a man's life today, Carrie."

Even so, Carrie justifies his actions by calling Akbari a "bad guy" and listing his faults. But before she can continue her speech, Saul's call comes in with the good news about Brody's extraction. "Tell him 'well done,'" Saul says. "I'm gonna do what I said, get him out safely."

At this, Carrie smiles. She returns to Brody to pass along the message, but he scoffs. "Whatever that means," he says, then asks about what will happen next, when he arrives back in the States.

"I don't know," Carrie replies -- she's as much in the dark as he's been so far. Brody frowns and continues to share his feelings, saying he had never expected to get this far. He even brings up the doctor in Caracas, and then finally vents his frustrations.

"He called me a cockroach: Un-kill-able, bringing misery wherever I go," Brody says. "This is about redemption. Mine... In what universe can you redeem one murder with another? I'm a lot of things, but I'm not a Marine anymore, and I haven't been for some time."

Carrie tries to talk him down from the sentiment, telling him he's a hero for doing a mission for the country. But as Brody continues to protest, she finally asks him why he bothered to do this in the first place. "That is becoming less and less f--king clear," Brody says. Up to this point, he had never thought about what would happen next.

But Carrie has. And as she stops trying to persuade Brody that what he did meant something, she finally reveals to him her pregnancy, the one key motive she's had to continue staying by his side.

Brody is understandably stunned. "You should have said something," he says, but she stops him from saying more.

"I don't know what happens either, what kind of life we have, whether it's together or apart," she explains. "One of the reasons I was put on this Earth was for our paths to cross... I know that sounds crazy."

"I don't think that sounds crazy at all," Brody says, standing to face her. "I think it sounds like the only sane f--king thing left."

It's the first time we've seen them unguarded all season, just honestly sharing their thoughts with each other. But it's too late for them to act on their rekindled ease with each other: Even though the pair are finally able to relax, with Brody sleeping with his head in Carrie's lap, they're approached in the middle of the night. Carrie believes it's the extraction team and frantically runs outside to meet them.

Of course, it's not the extraction team; it's Javadi's men. And as Carrie tries to convince the men to talk to Javadi first, one of the soldiers tells her, "The colonel is aware." Speechless, Carrie can only watch as the men take Brody away. She pulls out her phone and calls Saul. "Tell me what just happened was part of the f--king plan," she says.

NEXT: "It's your legacy we're trying to protect, Saul." 

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