Homeland recap: Cold Turkey

Carrie reunites with Brody, who struggles through withdrawal, while Saul preps the next phase of his plan
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 24, 2013

THE CARRIE CARD No matter what happens, Saul always ends up turning back to Carrie for help. In this episode, however, Carrie finds it hard to trust him, until she realizes that if Brody's involved, she has to be as well. Even so, the strikes against Saul are adding up -- will Carrie ever completely disobey her mentor?

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Saul's plan, in a nutshell, is for the CIA to help Brody reach the Iranian border, where Brody will surrender himself and eventually be flown to Tehran after a period of vetting. Saul's confident Brody will reach the city because Javadi will help, and the government would be happy to let Brody in and use him as propaganda. Once Brody takes out the head of the Revolutionary Guard, Brody will be extracted by a four-member team in a small city outside Tehran.

Brody quietly considers the facts and later, while stepping outside, catches Carrie smoking a cigarette. Carrie quickly tells him he saw nothing, and Brody reminds her that she promised he would get to see Dana if he went through with Saul's plan.

"I meant after you get back," she says weakly, but he pushes ahead. "Come on, Carrie, we both know it's a long shot," Brody says, almost with a smile. When Carrie replies that she had doubts about his ability to get back in shape, Brody questions her behavior. "Is that why you've kept your distance?" he asks. "Hey, it's fine, you're entitled." Carrie doesn't continue the conversation down that path, and instead tells him they have six hours before he has to leave, and drives him to Dana.

On the way, she finally tells him about Dana's suicide attempt, leaving Brody looking broken just before he has to approach Dana's room at the motel. He goes ahead anyway, and manages to convince his daughter to open the door and let him in.

What follows is a painful scene -- a good painful, if that makes any sense. Morgan Saylor in particular does best when she's playing opposite Damian Lewis, and it's a great move to use her character in this episode because Dana's the only one who gives him the reality check that finally sinks in, unlike both attempts from Saul and Carrie.

"Did you think ever for one second if I wanted to see you?" Dana says, crying. "What did you want to hear? That you were a good dad? That despite everything that it's all okay? What do you want me to say?" She turns around and grabs a pen and a paper pad. "I will say it to you as long as you promise that I'll never have to see you again," she says, before seeing Carrie in the doorway. "Either of you."

Brody has nothing left to say and leaves. Dana's speech is crushing, and Brody realizes he's lost his daughter. And after he and Carrie drive back to the safehouse, he has a new motive. "I will come back from Tehran," he tells Carrie. "Not just for her." Carrie appears to almost respond, but catches herself at the last second. She instead vents her frustration at Saul, who reprimands her for driving Brody alone to Dana. "Have a little faith, Saul," she says. "I need you to get that we're gonna have to find a way to trust each other again or at least come up with a really great way of faking it."

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