Homeland recap: Cold Turkey

Carrie reunites with Brody, who struggles through withdrawal, while Saul preps the next phase of his plan
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 24, 2013

THE CARRIE CARD No matter what happens, Saul always ends up turning back to Carrie for help. In this episode, however, Carrie finds it hard to trust him, until she realizes that if Brody's involved, she has to be as well. Even so, the strikes against Saul are adding up -- will Carrie ever completely disobey her mentor?

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Virgil and Max, during all of this, have tracked down Alan Bernard, and followed him to a meeting with Lockhart. The duo present their findings to Saul, who can only laugh at the turn of events. So his wife's lover is an Israeli intelligence officer who's also in cahoots with his enemy at the agency? Great! Bernard is definitely unlikable, and Lockhart truly can't be trusted. The show just painted them both as clear-cut villains.

And Saul takes the information straight to Lockhart, definitively getting the upper hand over his successor. In return for not releasing the images, Saul tells Lockhart, Lockhart just needs to give Saul more time at the top of the food chain by postponing the confirmation hearing by a few weeks. Lockhart agrees after realizing his flimsy cover story -- that Bernard is there to interview him for a profile in Le Monde -- isn't going to cut it. There's just one problem: Lockhart wonders why Saul isn't releasing the images immediately, seeing as he could use the information to permanently ruin the senator and keep the top position to himself, possibly even guaranteeing his own tenure. "Because it would humiliate my wife, Senator, and because it would damage the agency," Saul replies.

And that's the crucial difference between the two men's philosophies: Sure, Saul's more old fashioned in his approach with the agency, but also understands that the agency needs protecting. Lockhart doesn't, only seeing the agency as a force that's been too unsuccessful in recent years to apprehend the Big Bads.

Back at the safehouse, Carrie is catching Brody up on all the Dana drama -- his daughter has dropped out of school, moved out, and changed her last name. That's most of it anyway; Carrie wisely avoids any mention of Leo or Dana's suicide attempt (at least, she saves the latter for later). Brody's frustrated and insists on seeing Dana again. "Quit your f--king games, Carrie, I need to look her in the eye," he says. "I want her to know I'm innocent."

At this, Carrie launches into a new approach, saying much of what Saul said but amping it up with her own spin. "What do you want, Brody? What have you always wanted? A chance at redemption," she says, firing the questions at him. "I'm talking about the suicide vest, I'm talking about the death of Elizabeth Gaines, and those two Secret Service agents... I'm talking about what happened to that imam and his wife in Caracas."

Brody's left speechless, so Carrie continues her appeal. "Do what Saul is asking. Alright, what I'm asking, if not for your sake, then for Dana's," she says. "Otherwise, telling her you're innocent is just one more lie."

It finally sinks in for Brody, and he slowly sits down on his bed. "Look at me, Carrie, you couldn't send me out for a pack of cigarettes right now," he tells her.

But Carrie's confident in his abilities, and the training begins.

Brody jogs with the special ops team, and after one quick title card declaring "16 days later," we're introduced to a strengthened Brody, back to form as a montage shows him working out physically and mentally.

Finally, he's ready for a briefing about the plan.

NEXT: "Did you think ever for one second if I wanted to see you?"

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