Homeland recap: Cold Turkey

Carrie reunites with Brody, who struggles through withdrawal, while Saul preps the next phase of his plan
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 24, 2013

THE CARRIE CARD No matter what happens, Saul always ends up turning back to Carrie for help. In this episode, however, Carrie finds it hard to trust him, until she realizes that if Brody's involved, she has to be as well. Even so, the strikes against Saul are adding up -- will Carrie ever completely disobey her mentor?

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No matter what the CIA does with Brody, it always comes back to Carrie, doesn't it? Saul reluctantly realizes that he has to appeal to her, so he pays her a visit at the hospital.

Unfortunately for Saul, Carrie's in no mood to help the agency. "I keep coming back to the fact that this bullet in my shoulder would never have happened without your OK," she tells him.

But Saul turns the tables on her, telling her he never bought for one second her lie about Brody slipping out of the country while she was unconscious for 14 hours after the Langley bombing. Backed into a corner, Carrie asks how Brody is, and aggressively asks Saul, "What did you do to him?"

"You know, the assumptions behind that question are so misguided, it frightens me," Saul replies. "Believe me, it wasn't something I wanted."

Saul moves on and fills Carrie in about the next phase of his plan, which requires Brody to be in shape again. Here's the gist: Saul wants to use Brody to take out Javadi's boss, the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, which, according to Saul, is "the single greatest impediment to peace." Once the head's removed, Javadi will move up the ranks and take his place, helping the CIA have a hold on Iranian security, and allowing for Iran-U.S. relations to finally be about peaceful negotiations instead of incessant war.

It's an idealistic plan, not to mention a dangerous one with a slim chance of success, and Carrie's right to point it out. "Come on, Saul, you're reaching," she says. "At best, it's a suicide mission."

Saul, though, is again confident (overconfident, even?) that it'll work, because they already have Javadi in play, and all he needs is Brody to come on board. And, he emphasizes, the mission's success would completely change the map in U.S. foreign relations and maybe, finally, the two countries "can sit down and talk." "That's the play, Carrie," he explains. "Tell me it's not worth your time."

Though Carrie never says the words back to him, she agrees to see Brody and quietly walks into his room, as Brody opens his eyes. The two -- in one of many highlights this episode -- spend a painful minute in silence, as Brody slowly comes to the realization that it's not Saul or one of the soldiers visiting him this time.

Slowly, he turns to look at Carrie, who smiles back at him. She strokes his arm and continues to hold her smile, but after watching her, Brody turns away.

Carrie starts crying, but goes ahead and speaks to him. "Brody, I want you to know I didn't know you were here until today. I came as soon as I heard," she says. "Tell me if there's anything I can do for you. Anything." But Brody keeps mum, and stays on his side as she exits the room.

Saul watches her leave through his security feed, then turns and sees her walk toward him down the hall from Brody's room. Satisfied at her first try, Saul divulges everything he knows about what happened to Brody -- getting shot at the Colombian border, the incident at the mosque -- while Carrie quietly takes it all in. At the end, she requests a vehicle to take Brody to his next stop.

Carrie's plan is a cruel one, but she's forced to deal her hand because of Saul's looming deadline. She leads Brody to the motel where Dana now works as a maid, and Brody reacts just as she hoped he would: He tries to reach Dana, thrashing against the soldiers in an attempt to leave the car. But when Carrie tells him Dana can't hear his screams, Brody finally stops and turns his anger toward her. "You bitch, you f--king bitch," he says to Carrie.

Carrie looks hurt, but she did her job: Brody's motivated and clearly wants to see Dana, which is enough for Carrie to use to force him to help the CIA.

NEXT: "Quit your f--king games, Carrie."

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