Homeland recap: Congratulations Are (Not) In Order

Carrie attempts to lead Javadi to a meeting with Saul, but the slippery villain has other plans in mind
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 3, 2013

CARRIE, GET YOUR GUN Carrie is at the top of her game this episode, but it's too bad the hour's not about her -- it's about Saul and Javadi. And the conflict between the two men escalates all the way to the final minute, with a punch to the face. Despite what Saul believes, this op was never going to be easy.

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Back at the CIA -- the agency HQ, not the safehouse -- everyone's favorite politician is gearing up for his new position as CIA head honcho. Unsatisfied with simply rubbing his impending confirmation in Saul's face, Lockhart visits the agency to rehash what he'd already said, but with even more vitriol than he had during the Senate hearings. "The agency is a mess," he tells Dar Adal, in for the absent Saul. "As far as I can see, it's being driven into the f--king ground by poor decision-making and poor leadership."

Yawn, Senator. We've heard all this before. I was instead more fascinated by the way Dar Adal reacted during the visit. Lockhart cheerily grilled Saul's right-hand man about his views on the agency, and he says he agrees with Lockhart before vaguely stating, "The past is the past. I'm more interested in what happens next." What is Dar Adal doing? Is he just acting to please Lockhart and get rid of him as quickly as possible? Or does he believe what he's saying about the CIA, and in turn, blaming Saul for its failures?

Whatever the case may be, Lockhart seems satisfied by Dar Adal's answers and tells him he wants a smooth transition into his new position. "I don't want any surprises on my first day as director," Lockhart warns, adding that he wants no mention of Brody or Carrie getting in his way. "God forbid," Dar Adal replies, another headscratcher of a line. It's not the line itself -- it's the way F. Murray Abraham plays the character in this scene. Plus, the scene feels out of place with the rest of the episode in a "Dana scene" way, and I have a feeling it's leading up to something bigger than just Dar Adal agreeing with Lockhart to keep up appearances.

Anyway, from here we shift back to Carrie, who has returned home and immediately calls Saul on her secret cell phone (which was not the one smashed last week, my mistake) to argue her reasoning for letting Javadi go. Saul admits that they lost her the night she was taken, which shocks Carrie, but Saul doesn't pause to hear her take. He asks her about Javadi's reaction to their plan. "A thousand-yard stare for a few seconds, then he began to wriggle a little, reassert himself," she says. "He talked about you, too." The last line piques Saul's interest -- looks like his old friend remembers him well.

Saul, satisfied with Carrie's report, is optimistic that Javadi will meet them at their appointed stop. Carrie's not so sure, pointing out how Saul hasn't known Javadi for decades, and Javadi could have drastically changed his ways since then. Saul brushes this point aside, and Carrie, after hanging up, goes upstairs. She heads to her bathroom, pulls out a pregnancy test, uses it, and reads its result: positive.


Carrie's pregnant.

Wait, what?!

And she's been taking these tests, saving each of them in a drawer, all of them showing a positive result. "Still Positive" -- so that's what the episode title's referring to.


Well, this certainly feels like it's coming out of nowhere, Homeland. Carrie's got a whole stash of these results and knows she's in trouble. My mind went blank as soon as this scene ended. Call it another "Saul throws Carrie under the bus at the Senate hearing" moment. What's the point of this? That's my first question. Second question: Who's the father? I immediately guessed it was Brody's child, but the show's not pointing fingers just yet. Instead, it's raising more questions: Does this have anything to do with Carrie tossing her meds? Does Saul know about this? How long has she known? Did she enter into Saul's plan before she knew she was pregnant? No matter what the answers are, this changes the entire game, because with a child on the way, Saul and Carrie's secret operation has an expiration date. We can't expect Carrie to continue carrying out her missions while pregnant, can we?

It's a brief scene, and we see Carrie pulling the sheets to her chest as she curls up in bed. Quinn then stops by to prepare her for the rendezvous with Javadi and notices her Wall of Crazy, with the map tracing sightings of Brody. Both of them know why she's tracking him (well, now we know there might be one more motive), but Quinn feigns ignorance, offering the excuse, "because it's your job." (By the way, who else here likes Quinn best now out of all the characters? I'm raising my hand.)

NEXT: Mission... accomplished?

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