Homeland recap: The Long Con

Carrie is released and meets with a mysterious client, while Dana runs away with Leo
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 20, 2013

AN OFFER SHE CAN'T REFUSE Carrie makes a deal that forces her to compromise her ideals, but it's all a part of a plan, a plan Saul believes is working. Even so, this is Homeland, and I've got a sinking feeling it's not going to go smoothly from here.

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We then check back in with... the Brodys.

Sigh. I know, I'm annoyed, too. I've defended Dana in the past, but now, with so much happening elsewhere, it's just too much of a drag to watch the Family Brody chug along with the rebellious teenager storyline again. It'd be a different case if this were somehow connected with the Brody in Venezuela, but with only Dana's musings about him, we're left with an uninspired plot, one that severely hurts this episode.

This week's installment of the Family Brody centers on Dana and Leo's Very Dumb Idea, which is for Dana to take Jess's car, break Leo out, and then have their own version of Carrie and Brody's "Weekend," minus everything that made "The Weekend" amazing. By that I mean Dana and Leo's Very Dumb Idea is missing essential elements like, I don't know, gripping dialogue and forward-moving plot. Fine, that's harsh, but when we're subjected to scene after scene of the two young lovers professing their love for each other and hatred of everything else, it gets tiresome. At least the duo visits some key spots: For Leo, it's his younger brother's grave, while for Dana, it's the hangar, where she, Jess and Chris saw Brody leave for combat years ago.

"We're here because this is where it happened, the last true thing that he ever said to me," she tells Leo. "Which was?" he asks. "Goodbye. Everything after that was a lie," she replies, as he reaches over to hold her hand. It would be a poignant moment if it wasn't sandwiched in the middle of Carrie's thrilling plot, and if we actually cared about Leo's background. Plus, talking about Brody in this peripheral manner seems exponentially more exhausting, now that we've caught up with him in Cararcas.

Back home, Jessica is understandably worried out of her mind, but thankfully, she has Mike (Welcome back, Diego Klattenhoff! Did James Spader give you the day off?). Sadly, Mike has little to do here other than be her shoulder to cry on. "Leave it to my daughter to fall in love with a guy in a psych ward," Jess tells him. "I just can't seem to do one thing right anymore."

But even as Mike tries to reassure her by placing the blame on Brody, Jess knows she can't escape the Brody name. Even Leo's parents distrust her immediately, telling her that Leo's "under a bad influence," and twisting the knife by saying, "We know who you are, Mrs. Brody." It's rude and absurd, but it hits Jess hard. Later, she tells Mike she could kill Brody: "I swear to God I could," she says, glaring at him.

Dana and Leo's Very Dumb Idea saga doesn't end there, but the episode leaves us hanging when Mike learns that Leo isn't at the facility to be treated, but was put there to avoid being charged with homicide. (Or at least that's what I gathered while trying to stay awake watching theses scenes.) So Dana's traveling with a killer? And is in love with said killer? I wish I were more invested, but really, show, I'm yawning. We already knew Leo was bad news, and the lines are way too redundant at this point for me to care. "I just want to stay like this forever," Dana says. Yawn. Morgan Saylor deserves better than this.

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