Homeland recap: Safehouse Or Guardhouse?

Brody thinks he finds sanctuary, but ends up trapped; a mysterious stranger visits Carrie
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 13, 2013

ON THE RUN Brody has nowhere to turn, not even his faith, when he reaches "the end of the line" in Caracas. His fugitive status makes him an easy target, and he's desperate to find out where he should go next. And of course, Carrie's in no condition to help him out.

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Carrie is struggling to escape her own prison: the mental facility she's been in for three weeks. "I feel quite lucid," she tells her doctor. "I was wondering if you could tell Saul Berenson how much better I'm doing."

Despite her efforts, the doctors and nurses refuse her requests. She becomes more frustrated by the minute, even though she explains that going off her meds was "clearly a bad idea" and that Saul did her a favor by admitting her into the hospital. Carrie appears so weakened, she apologizes immediately for questioning what the doctor is writing down about her state. "No one knows where else to put me," she says, sharing the same lost expression Brody conveyed when El Nino told him Caracas was the end of the line.

She's become so fragile she retreats to a bathroom and bangs her head on a mirror, only to be stopped by Abby (played by Marcia DeBonis, a.k.a. Jennifer Garner's hapless secretary Arlene in 13 Going on 30). "I had a bad moment, that's all," Carrie says, before sobbing. "I'm doing everything that's asked of me."

But Abby drops a note that piques Carrie's interest, revealing that a man's been around to ask about how Carrie's doing. This riles Carrie up -- she believes it's Saul -- so she insists on visiting rights. But when the visitor shows up again, Carrie finds that it's not Saul; instead, it's a man named Paul Franklin (Jason Butler Harner), an associate at a law firm who's interested in talking to Carrie. When she starts to doubt his sincerity, he explains, "Carrie, I'm on your side."

Which, of course, is the last thing Carrie wants to hear. The line makes her smile, remembering how often Saul used to tell her he's on her side. She rejects Franklin's offer and brusquely tells him, "You think I'm vulnerable, you think I'm weak," before turning her heel and striding back into the facility.

Once she's inside, though, she slows down and looks around the rec room, taking in the place she's spent countless hours wasting her time doing arts and crafts with detailed balconies on houses made of sticks and glue. And she begins to lose it, admitting, "I need my meds."

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