Homeland recap: Safehouse Or Guardhouse?

Brody thinks he finds sanctuary, but ends up trapped; a mysterious stranger visits Carrie
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 13, 2013

ON THE RUN Brody has nowhere to turn, not even his faith, when he reaches "the end of the line" in Caracas. His fugitive status makes him an easy target, and he's desperate to find out where he should go next. And of course, Carrie's in no condition to help him out.

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Slowly, scene by scene, Brody regains his strength. He takes many missteps on the way, however, trekking through the tower and causing himself to bleed again.

"What were you thinking?" Dellums asks him. Noticing Brody's frustration (and incessant heavy breathing), he asks Brody what he thinks of the tower, "this abscess of living we call home" that's named after the banker who commissioned it.

Brody skeptically peers at him. "Why are you here?" he asks. "That's a dangerous question. Why am I here leads to why are you here, you see?" Dellums replies, before launching into his explanation about Brody's apparent safe haven. "The world outside can be judgmental and cruel. We're here because this is the place that accepts us. We're here because we belong here."

So... the Tower of David is Homeland's twist on the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters? Anyone who needs to disappear off the map and has a connection with the inside can find refuge in the abandoned Tower of David, where no one can touch them. If they leave, they will face certain danger. Am I understanding this correctly?

Either way, Brody is at the same time healing and losing himself, anxious to take the next step but without any idea where. Brody becomes much stronger and after witnessing El Nino kill a man who stole Brody's wallet and passport to protect Brody's identity, he realizes the trouble he's in. Though El Nino fully understands what has to be done to protect Brody, Brody himself doesn't want blood on his hands.

So he insists on leaving, finally seeing the Tower of David as a prison instead of protection. Hurriedly walking out of the compound, he runs into El Nino and his army, telling them he's heading "out."

"Out where?" El Nino asks. "To the next place," Brody answers. But, as Brody slowly realizes, there is no "next place," a new destination after escaping the U.S. into Montreal and somehow into Colombia and finally into Venezuela. There's nowhere for him to go and, as El Nino says, Carrie "doesn't want to know" where Brody is because Caracas is the "end of the line."

After the confrontation, Brody returns to his room like an obedient child. Dellums visits him to administer a dose of the drug, telling him, "Those voices in your head are not your friends right now. You have to make them go away." But Brody grabs him and forces him to leave, instead hatching a new plan: Head to the mosque and appeal for help, because Brody's a Muslim and the imam will understand his plight.

Frankly, it's a naive, poorly formed plan, but with Esme's help, Brody escapes the tower and reach the imam. He tears through the streets with his hands in his pockets and his hoodie drawn up to cover his head, somehow hiding his identity like the way Clark Kent's glasses hide Superman (is that enough superhero analogies for this recap? Fine, I'll stop).

There, he tells Esme he can't take her along, crushing the girl's hopes and making me groan at the sight of the unrequited love subplot the show seems to be taking with her. Brody talks to the imam and is led inside the mosque, where he believes he'll finally be safe.

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