Homeland recap: Sitting Duck

Carrie breaks down over Saul's betrayal, while Saul tries to follow the money trail behind the Langley bombing
Ep. 02 | Aired Oct 6, 2013

SORRY'S NOT GOING TO CUT IT, SAUL If only it were that easy. Saul's actions in the premiere have destroyed his relationship with Carrie, leaving her with nowhere to turn (and no one to turn to). He says it's all part of a plan, but how will the pieces fall into place?

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Back at the CIA, Saul's taken a new protege under his wing: Fara (Nazanin Boniadi, who How I Met Your Mother fans know as "Nora"), a young Persian transactions analyst brought in to help Saul trace the Langley bombing operation's funding and its origins. (Is it too early to call Fara the next Carrie? Not that they do the same job, obviously, but both are capable young women who Saul appears to trust and mentor. I'll put a pin in that thought.)

Fara is fresh-faced and impressionable, and when Saul chides her for not working hard enough, she nearly crumples under his glare. And who can blame her? He even points out her head scarf: "That thing you're wearing on your head... is one big 'f--k you' to the people you work with," he tells her. "Give me a goddamn plan or don't say anything." Ouch, Saul.

But Fara does have a plan. She tells Saul, teary-eyed, that she'd like to talk to some bankers who have been illegally moving money. When the bankers arrive, Fara proves herself, providing Saul the evidence he needs to corner the bankers. Even so, the bankers refuse to negotiate. "With all respect, miss, in this country, that's not the way we ask for help," one of them tells her. Saul reaches over and taps her on the arm in a gesture of reassurance, one we've seen him use on Carrie many times in the past.

It wasn't a waste of time, however, when Fara finds that nearly $45 million is missing among all the transactions, money pointing to the Iranian government. Saul tells her to track it down, because where the money is has to be where the mastermind behind the Langley bombing is hiding. "Make it your number one priority," he tells her, and then warns, "Keep it between us for the time being."

It's a breakthrough for the CIA, but the fact that Saul's keeping it under wraps rubs me the wrong way. I know many of you consider Saul to be the mole, and the show is definitely making him harder to read. Why keep the money trail a secret from the rest of the CIA? Does Saul fear that a mole will use the intel? Or if he's the mole, this is the perfect way to watch over a major development. It's hard to tell, and it's a question that will continue to crop up in the next few weeks.

Fara, meanwhile, is without a doubt a character to watch. When she inevitably meets Carrie, I'm betting Carrie won't take her presence lightly as Saul's new favorite in the agency. Of course, Carrie will have to get back into the agency first. Which brings me to...

NEXT: "Carrie, I am so sorry."

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