Homeland recap: Loose Cannons

Brody goes rogue; Carrie's left to handle him on her own as Saul and the CIA grow nervous
Ep. 11 | Aired Dec 8, 2013

NOTHING YOU CAN DO, QUINN Or Saul, for that matter. Halfway around the world, Brody's actions have prompted Carrie to go rogue as well, and there's little the CIA can do except sit and watch and send some goons after them.


Suddenly, the CIA is in a rut. Saul watches Brody denounce America on television as he continues his propaganda run from Iran. Lockhart is worked up, and the president's pushing both of them to take action. "Bottom line, Brody's gone from asset to serious liability," Lockhart says. "It's obvious what he's saying: Iran saved his life; he loves them, hates us."

Instead, he insists, the CIA needs to think about Javadi. "That's a huge victory worth preserving," he tells Saul, who picks up on what he really means. "You mean end Brody?" he asks. "The President wants this resolved," Lockhart says. "It's time."

And at this time, when Saul doesn't answer, I almost believe that this is where the show's headed, that this is where they're finally going to kill of Brody and be done with it. Because that'd be something we didn't expect -- for Brody to be taken out by the CIA, not Akbari and the IRGC.

But of course, I forgot about the Carrie Card.

Saul unsurprisingly gives Carrie a call for her thoughts on their Brody problem. "He's doing what he needs to," she tells him, saying that Brody's only playing along with the PR game because he needs the time to figure out how to get close to Akbari. "Saul, I have been right about him this whole time."

This time, though, Saul's not going to talk it through with Carrie, and instead orders the hit. Carrie, sensing Saul's hesitation, rushes out of the hotel to warn Brody, calling Fara's uncle on the way for one more favor: Deliver a phone to Brody so she can contact him.

The uncle proves himself the CIA's most underrated asset as he makes the drop, and Brody waits for the call. Finally, Carrie calls and the two see each other. But before Brody can ask what's going on, Carrie's asking him to please come with her and get in a car to leave Tehran. "I think they're cutting their losses to protect Javadi," Carrie says, pleading with him to go with her immediately. "Meaning me?" Brody asks, telling her he has nowhere left to go. "I've been through that already, Carrie. I don't want to do that again, and I won't do it to you."

Carrie spots the men heading for Brody, but Brody knows what he's doing. He briskly walks away and disappears into the crowd, leaving Carrie and the CIA in the dark. Brody's gone rogue, and Carrie's gone rogue. Who's on which side?

Saul's still with the CIA, and Carrie's latest move has made him lose all sympathy for her mission to save Brody. "You really f--ked up this time," he reprimands her. "The plan failed... Now thanks to you, he's loose on the streets doing who knows what." But Carrie doesn't listen. Does she ever?

Having shaken off Carrie and his tail, Brody visits Nassrin, asking for her help. He tells her someone just tried to kill him, and that he needs to see Akbari right away to talk about Javadi.

Again, uh oh.

NEXT: "I came here to redeem myself."

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