Homeland recap: Passenger's Luck

Brody's mission to cross the border into Iran doesn't go smoothly; Carrie and Saul try to keep the op in play from home
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 1, 2013

WATCHING THE SCREENS... and chewing some lucky gum: the two things Saul and Carrie do this episode. Though there's not much they can do from Langley other than monitor what's going on abroad, both of them have vastly different reasons for wanting the mission to succeed.


Two trucks, with the Alpha team accompanying Brody in the first, leave for the border, but the op immediately hits a few snags. The first, in D.C., is due to a faulty sensor in a drone, which causes a delay. The second is a blocked road to the border, forcing the A-team to pause and wait for Langley to confirm an alternate route.

Unfortunately, their stalling attracts the local Iraqi police, who arrives to question the team. The officers eventually draw their guns, asking to look in the truck. Quinn mutters that Kilo Alpha (the leader of the A-team; his name is listed as "Azizi" in the cast but he's never spoken on screen, so I'll continue to call him Alpha from here) should say the words "good night" (the episode's title) before the cops see Brody. Carrie looks confused at Quinn's explanation, but realizes what he means when Alpha says the words and the A-team violently takes out all three policemen.

Brody isn't as comforted that the danger has passed. Instead, he loses all trace of the bravado he had exhibited since getting better, and dashes away from the car in panic, face covered in blood. "What the f--k are you doing?" Alpha asks him after pinning him down. "I can't do it," Brody whimpers. "I f--king can't."

"Are you f--king scared?" he asks him bluntly. "I'm scared," Brody replies.

Alpha sighs, then tells him how he's afraid every time he's forced to return to the field. Quietly, he asks Brody to calm down. "Tell me you're going to be okay. Tell me this is not the end of the road for you," he says. "I need to hear you say it."

Brody slowly steadies himself. "I will be okay," he says. "I'm okay. I'm okay. I'll be okay."

Carrie's been watching it all with a worried expression, and Higgins isn't too pleased with the Passenger freaking out, either. He calls in his reinforcement: Lockhart, who, along with a general, visits Saul at the CIA to "advise and observe," according to the senator. Dar already warned Saul about Higgins' call, but even though he's on the defensive, Lockhart warns him he's not there to disrupt the mission.

"Saul, whatever this turns out to be -- bold stroke of genius or otherwise -- I'm destined to inherit it. So now that it's actually in motion, I have no choice but to wish it every success," he says.

His appeal doesn't fully convince Saul, who asks to speak with him privately and then questions the terms of their deal: Didn't Lockhart agree to give Saul and the CIA some breathing room in exchange for keeping the Bernard photos secret? "Consider yourself lucky, Saul, that the chief of staff called us and not the president or the national security adviser," Lockhart responds, saying he only agreed to postpone the confirmation hearings.

Carrie's just as cold to Lockhart when Saul eventually lets him in. When the senator praises her for being "one hell of a salesperson" in convincing Javadi to help the CIA, she looks at him and replies, "Here at the agency, we call that 'recruiting.'" (Burn.)

While this was happening, Brody's been taken closer to the border, and the team stops to plan their next moves. Unfortunately (again), the Iraqi patrol is too close for all the members to help him along -- only Alpha can accompany Brody ahead. The two begin driving across some bumpy terrain while Alpha tries to make conversation, asking about Brody's family and what he wanted to do. Brody proves himself a poor conversation partner, however, and Alpha rattles on to fill the silence, commenting about how he used to ride bulls in Texas.

Halfway through joking about his previous profession, the truck hits something -- a mine, an IED -- and flips in the air as the explosion goes off and a smoke plume rises.

"What just happened?" Carrie asks, stunned.

NEXT: 'Saul, you had some bad luck. I'm sorry.'

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