Homeland recap: Trust Issues

Brody launches a major CIA operation, the Peter Quinn mystery deepens, and a new power player emerges
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 25, 2012

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? After spending roughly 12 hours under the thumb of Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban), Brody (Damian Lewis) makes a series of phone calls that launches a major CIA effort to take down Abu Nazir. But is that actually just part of Nazir's plan?


Show of hands: How many people knew Virgil and Max were breaking into Quinn's apartment before they told Saul about it? Yeah, I didn't figure that out either — I thought at first they were entering Roya's home, and then thought maybe it was Swarthy Boreanaz's sparse flat. But no, the practically ascetic apartment — with not much more than a sleeping bag and simple mattress as furnishings — belonged to Quinn. Saul was initially unimpressed that a CIA analyst could barely keep a decent home (he should take home decor advice from Mike Faber), but then Max pointed out that one of the only possessions of note in the entire place was a cleaning kit for a sniper rifle.

The only other object of note in the place was a tattered photograph of a woman with a newborn baby tucked inside an even more tattered copy of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. Virgil tracked the mother, officer Julia Diaz, down to a Philadelphia police precinct, and Saul, with some time to kill before the massive CIA operation that had the potential to take down Abu Nazir, took a day trip drive to Philly to pay Ms. Diaz a visit.

Saul presented himself as his bizarro world counterpart, Richard Keller of the IRS. The mere mention of her son's father put Diaz on alert, but she indulged Richard/Saul, taking him into a private room, telling him she hasn't seen the boy's father, "John Sr.," since he'd been born four years ago. But she was no fool. She parried just about every interrogative volley Saul made, giving up only that she had never married her son's dad. She pressed Richard/Saul to make a formal inquiry so she could get a tax lawyer, and then she declined to give up the last name of her son's father, agreeing only to "confirm" a name Saul gave her. And she quickly deduced that the IRS would not likely come by a photograph of her son as intimate as the one Saul flashed her. "Has something happened to him?" she asked worriedly. "What is this all about?" Saul remained stoned faced, producing an IRS credential from his wallet. Diaz wouldn't budge, but she was rattled. Saul left having accomplished what he'd come out there to do -- getting Diaz to call Quinn in a panic, and forcing Quinn to react and thereby reveal more of himself.

Quinn, of course, is no fool either. He asked Diaz to describe the man who'd visited her, and if she's even a halfway decent cop, then it wouldn't take much for Quinn to realize Saul had been snooping around in his life. ("Rabbi beard" and "pageboy cap" would probably do the trick.) That revelation led Quinn to meet up with Dar Adal, and whether on purpose or by accident, allow Max to see them talking on a public bus. (Quinn seemed to be looking directly at Max's camera, but Max was in a darkened car while Quinn was in a brightly lit bus, so perhaps the poor visibility only made it seem like Quinn had spotted Max. Man, I am really over-thinking things today.)

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