Homeland recap: Safe Harbors

The pressure becomes too much for Brody, so Carrie takes matters into her own hands, and how!
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 18, 2012

DOUBLE AGENT WORK IS STRESSFUL, YOU GUYS After the spirited night Brody (Damien Lewis) spent with Carrie (Claire Danes) following his meltdown in front of Roya (Zuleikha Robinson), you would think the guy would look a bit more relaxed.

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Before Saul and Carrie could get into it, though, Quinn had news: Roya was picking up Brody. The meeting was back on. Roya appeared in the dark in Brody's garage, hopped into his passenger seat, and ordered him to drive out into the countryside. En route, she passive aggressively pushed Brody to admit his time with Carrie was what turned him around on quitting Nazir's cause. Brody protested, so nervously that Roya reached into his shirt pocket, pulled out his phone, and yanked out the battery, cutting off the CIA's tracking and audio bugs. (There may be some convoluted legal reason why they hadn't also separately rigged Brody's car with tracking and microphones, but, c'mon guys, that's an obvious one, isn't it?)

Carrie was spooked. Roya seemed to know Brody'd been turned. She asked to go in the added follow cars tracking Brody, and even though she'd just proven herself entirely uninterested in following Quinn's orders when it came to Brody, Quinn said it was okay. Silly Quinn. Seems like someone else is letting his subjective feelings get in the way of his judgment, hmmmmmm?

The subsequent sequence was a tour de force of tension. Roya had Brody stop in the middle of nowhere, near a large clearing, in the failing dusk. After an agonizing wait, with Carrie, Virgil, and Max just far enough away to be out of eyeshot, Roya told Brody, "You say you want another chance? This is it." And up walked Swarthy Boreanaz, her contact and the man who mowed down Quinn and six other agents. (No mention of Danny Galvez's status this week, by the way.) Carrie was going bananas with not being able to see what was happening, so she pushed Quinn and Saul to let her van drive by to see what was going on. They did, and that's when they realized, holy crap, it's Swarthy Boreanaz!

Carrie went ballistic, frantic that something awful was about to happen to Brody, demanding Quinn allow them to take all three. Quinn said no dice — Carrie was the one, after all, demanding that Brody remain in play. He ordered her to stay back. So, of course, Carrie left the van and got closer. She saw Swarthy Boreanaz grab Brody and walk him out to the field with Roya, so she followed. Quinn turned to Saul for help corralling his protégé once again, but Saul's attention was turned to their curious location — the only clearing for miles around. And that's when the helicopter showed up.

Brody was stuffed into the copter (and though we didn't see it, I'm assuming Roya and S.B. followed), and they took off before anyone had time to react. "We're losing him!" Carrie screamed into her phone. By then, it was too late. "They're gone!" she screamed impotently. "They're just gone!"

Where did they go? I'm going to presume it was somewhere within the confines of the United States, somewhere urban enough to house a large, empty warehouse, but remote enough that the presence of the world's most wanted man riding in a black sedan would go undetected. That's right. Abu Nazir had arrived in the U.S., newly shorn of his beard and seemingly none too happy with his American disciple. He fixed Brody with a cold stare, and spoke just one word, a word Brody had rarely if ever heard from anyone, including his own wife: "Nicholas." With four more episodes to go, it would appear the End Game has begun.

Your turn! What did you make of "I'll Fly Away"? Was Dana's storyline redeemed for you? What did you make of Brody and Carrie's lusty hullabaloo? (How long do you think Claire Danes and Damien Lewis spent making those noises in ADR?) Does Quinn look really unhealthy to you — like, on the verge of a life-threatenting injury-related infection unhealthy? And what do you think Abu Nazir has planned for Nicholas Brody?

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