Homeland recap: Sloppy Seconds

Brody's difficulty handling his double agent life brings him closer to Carrie, while Saul revisits an old friend from season 1
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 11, 2012

DADDY'S LITTLE MANSLAUGHTER-ER Dana (Morgan Saylor) finally confesses her role in Finn's deadly hit-and-run accident, and wouldn't you know it, her terrorist-cum-double-agent father (Damien Lewis) takes the news rather well

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Brody, meanwhile, was facing down the opposite problem — he's Homeland's indispensable man, the person central to everyone else's plans and hopes and desires. And when you had little to no hand in getting yourself in that position — when everyone else's priorities subsume your own until you don't even know who you are or what you want anymore — well, you'd be pretty testy too. An anxious-seeming Roya told him his role had increased after Gettysburg since Danny had popped one of their guys, but she wouldn't tell him what that role would be, or where, or why — just, as I said before, that it would be very soon. (She also mentioned that she wanted Brody to meet someone — likely Swarthy Boreanaz — at some point and some time, but that apparently is for some other episode.)

That day, Brody and his family were set to accompany the Walden family to a major fundraiser weekend held at the posh home and palatial pool of a major political bigwig. En route, Brody asked Jessica about Mike's visit — seems Chris spilled the beans to his pops about it. (Aside: With each week, I've been tickled by how little everyone seems to think about Chris Brody — Jessica appeared mildly surprised in this scene that she even has a son. Given Homeland's track record, this probably means Chris'll turn out to be the linchpin character of the entire series. Unless that's what they want us to think. Oh, Homeland — even your audience is paranoid. End of aside.)

Jessica, who couldn't very well lie to Brody after making such a stink about getting the truth from him, told her husband that Mike had stopped by to accuse Brody of killing Tom Walker. Brody, who couldn't very well lie to Jessica after she'd made such stink about getting the truth from him, just kinda lied to her. "The CIA knew we were close and they used me to reach him," he said. "And it got messy. Like, dangerous. Yeah. I had a part in, uh, stopping him." Bravo, Brody! Spoken like a real politician!

Jessica flipped out, and after everyone had arrived for the fundraiser, so did Brody, who rang up Carrie for an understandable "WTF" conversation. Carrie, blindsided that Mike had ignored his wrist slapping from Saul and Estes, had no real answers for Brody. "Great," Brody fumed. "So you're hedging. Roya's hedging. This thing is on, I'm at the center of it, and I'm in the f---ing dark!"

Back at HQ, Carrie demonstrated once more her quickly identified the core issue. "He's still with us, but he needs to feel a sense of control; power," she told Quinn. Since Quinn had just flashed his empirically impressive keister to Carrie in his hospital room — which seemed like his version of the fifth grader who throws mud at the girl he likes — his directive to Carrie to "empower" Brody was a telling one. Methinks our bullet riddled Mr. Quinn has a bit of a crush.

NEXT: "It's hard wanting something, or someone, that you just can't have."

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