Homeland recap: The New Normal

Brody and Carrie both struggle adjusting to their new roles, while Mike's investigation runs afoul of the CIA
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 4, 2012

QUIT ASKING ME ABOUT POETRY, KID, I'M THINKING Mike Faber (Diego Klattenhoff) takes his Tom Walker investigation to Brody's garage, which Chris (Jackson Pace) says their mother calls "The Wreck of the Hesperus," after the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem about a ship's captain who brings his young daughter on a voyage even though it looks like a hurricane is approaching. SPOILER ALERT: They both die. Way to bring things down, Chris. Go play more Xbox.

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Too little, too late. Now, I knew something bad was going to happen. It's Homeland. Bad things always happen. My hunch was that there was some booby-trap that Quinn was going to unwittingly cause to go kablooey — the tailor was a bomb-maker, after all. Instead, just as Quinn began eyeing a mysteriously bare and hollow-sounding wall, there was a tinkle at the front door, and seconds later, four black-clad men in SWAT-style gear unloaded a hailstorm of gunfire, mowing down every single agent in the place. Danny picked off one of the gunmen with a choice shot to the back of the head, but then he went down too. R.I.P. Danny Galvez (Hrach Titizian). I should've known you were a goner with your sudden spike in screen time this week. We hardly knew ye, but at least we can be pretty sure ye wasn't the CIA mole after all. (Nope, I'm not giving that up.)

After the shooting stopped, Roya's D.C. contact took off his helmet in a pointed close up that said Meet Your Newest Bad Guy, Everybody! He Looks Like A Swarthy Angel/Booth! The other two surviving gunmen, meanwhile, cut through the wall Quinn had been eyeing, and did indeed remove a large, heavy, black case. (What was in the case? My theory, for now: A dirty bomb.) Swarthy Angel slung their fallen comrade over his shoulder, and the three of them walked out the front door. Because the fine people of Gettsburg are just so over sounds of gunfire that they couldn't be bothered to snap a camera-phone photo?

Quinn appeared to survive, just barely, but seven other agents went down, and Carrie had only one place to put her rage. She stormed into Brody's congressional office and demanded to know if he knew about the ambush — without explaining that there was an ambush. She screamed at him, accused him of tipping Roya off, screamed at him some more, slapped him, and screamed at him about how he'd better not be lying to her. Brody kept his cool, looking appropriately baffled. "I don't know what you're saying," he said, slowly approaching her as Claire Danes turned on the ugly cry. He took her hand, and she began sobbing into his shoulder. It was all very tender and sweet, unfolding like a lover's spat, and suggesting the Carrie/Brody relationship had taken its first big step back to the bedroom.

Except I didn't quite buy it. I didn't quite buy that Brody didn't know what Carrie was talking about, and I didn't quite buy that Carrie would fall to pieces so quickly. It's both a blessing and a curse of this show that I always suspect that everyone has a secondary motive, whether their primary motive is genuine or not. That may have been the point with this scene, but it felt rushed, like we needed these two crazy kids to get together already, so why not have Carrie blow up in his office about causalities with his secretary within earshot? (Seriously: What must Brody's staff make of their boss, with his sudden absences, frequent unexplained injuries, penchant for heated fights in his office, and, oh right, being considered as Walden's running mate?)

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