Grimm recap: Royal Flush

Renard attempts to rid himself of his obsession with Juliette, while a new alliance forms in Vienna
Ep. 08 | Aired Oct 19, 2012

COURAGEOUS CAPTAIN Renard (Sasha Roiz) gives a speech about bravery and commitment, two qualities he definitely possesses – he's committed to stalking Juliette and brave enough break into her house.

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Renard sneaks back out of the house without getting caught. He’s barely keeping himself together – control isn’t coming so easily to the half-Hexenbiest now. So he goes to Rosalee’s spice shop for help, where Monroe is still covering for her while she’s out of town with her sick aunt.

It is so great to see these two together – Monroe’s goofy, awkward openness clashes amazingly with Renard’s no-nonsense, stern seriousness. And Renard is so uncomfortable and embarrassed by this situation. You can almost see him blushing – a royal flush! Renard, in a sad attempt to be on the DL in a black jacket and aviators, asks Monroe to cook something up for him to cure his obsessive behavior. I’m surprised Renard – who’s been so carefully keeping Nick safe and within Portland for his own purposes, whatever they are – hasn’t figured out how Monroe is, that Nick has a Blutbad friend who helps him with his Wesen cases. But Renard seems completely unaware of how close he’s gotten to revealing to a friend of Nick’s that he’s half-Wesen (I assume Monroe knows that this customer is a Wesen – unless it’s commonplace for non-Wesen to come into the shop and to talk to them about “potion-y, dark arts, maleficium situations”), and Monroe, though he says, “Do I know you…?” doesn’t pick up on who this is.

When Renard returns the next day to check in on what concoction Monroe has decided is the best cure for his affliction, there isn’t much good news. There is a treatment for the physical component, “a reverse-Viagra, if you will,” Monroe says. But his emotional longing for Juliette requires a dual treatment, meaning that Renard would have to bring in Juliette to be cured of his obsession with her. Renard promptly tells Monroe that that would be impossible. And the scene ends with this warning from Monroe: “A condition such as yours left untreated could be downright dangerous… This could get really gnarly, and not just for you but for anyone standing between you and the person you’re hung up on.” Watch out, Nick!

Meanwhile, back in Vienna, a meeting of the devious minds is going down. Adalind has brought herself and her history with Renard to the attention of the police captain’s brother, Eric, who is very captivated by the pretty young thing who also appears to have it in for Sean Renard.

It is in Eric’s castle that we learn how a prince ended up in Portland: Eric tells Adalind that his family was not too pleased when they discovered that one of his father’s mistresses was a Hexenbiest. So Sean’s mother ran away with the young half-Royal to America.

It’s not clear what plot is afoot with these two, but their combined desire that something ill befall both Renard and Nick can’t mean anything good.

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