Grimm recap: Identity Crisis

A mysterious killer questions Nick’s devotion to his Grimmness; things start picking up pace for Juliette and Renard
Ep. 10 | Aired Nov 2, 2012

HISTORY LESSON Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) gets Nick (David Giuntoli) up-to-date on the history of a ruthless group of Grimms that dates back to the Fourth Crusade.

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And thus ends the tale of Nick and the Lebensauger who desperately desires to be a Grimm. Now onto the juicy stuff of this episode: Renard and Juliette. When I spoke with Silas Weir Mitchell last week, he promised fireworks between these two, and we got fireworks. Or at least sparklers. Snap-its at the very least. In any case, the long wait for something to happen between these two is over, whether you like it or not.

The first scene of the episode establishes that things have gotten tense between Nick and Juliette. She snaps at him when he wearily makes one complaint about sleeping on the couch. Seriously, girl? You’re always such a sweetheart, and the two months since you got out of the hospital you haven’t let Nick sleep in the bed once? I find it weird they’ve never traded off, but what I find weirder is that there’s no guest room in that gorgeous house. What else is on that second floor? A craft room? A panic room? A ballroom for Nick and Juliette to do all that dancing?

Nick hasn’t been able to hide his trouble at home from his colleagues. Renard sees that Nick is on edge, so what does he do instead of talking to Nick about it? He phones up Juliette and asks her to coffee. How great is it to see Renard like this? We hardly ever get to see him awkward and flustered, and now we’ve gotten to see him like that with both Juliette and Monroe.

Coffee starts off all right for these two, and Juliette’s being very open with the captain about her troubles with her boyfriend, but then she slips up: “I’m just starting over with you – him. Him. Sorry, I’m just starting over with him.” Renard reaches out across the café table and grasps her hand. Some part of Juliette is probably doing a very happy jig inside, but the rest of her is still spooked by his forwardness – and by how she feels for him in return.

Lucky for Renard, it's not cloudy and rainy in Portland that day – Juliette rushes out of the coffee shop so quickly that she forgets her sunglasses on the table. So he returns them to her at her house that night, surely fully aware that Nick wouldn’t be there since all the chaos with Ryan is going down at the same time. Renard is about to walk away, but then he swoops in for a kiss, and smooches Juliette right there on her doorstep. The kiss jogs one piece of her memory: “It was you in the hospital,” she says. They kiss again, but then Juliette pulls away and shuts the door. She slides down to the floor, clearly freaked out and confused.

Tell us what you think, Grimmsters! Is the Renard/Juliette storyline moving along like you hoped it would? What did you think when we finally learned why this random intern character was on the show? Am I the only one who hated to see star detective Nick Burkhardt resorts to a truth serum to get a confession? Was anyone else wondering if Grimm got a new cinematographer with all those zooms and quick pans? Who wants to take a closer look at Monroe’s Wesen fairy tale book?

Until next week, I present you with… quotables:

Hank: Did you say testicles?
Monroe: I did say testicles.

Nick: They think it was me?
Bud: No! Nobody in their right mind would think that. But nobody’s in their right mind right now.

Bud: The Grimm? Oh, you mean Nick? Oh, he’s just a friend of mine.
Ryan: He can’t be a friend of yours!
Bud: He can’t? You just ask him. I think it’s working out OK.

“Next time we hire an intern, I’m gonna suggest we do a better psych evaluation.” — Wu

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