Grey's Anatomy recap: Here's to Richard Webber

Richard celebrates his birthday with the Halley's Comet of surgeries, while Jackson and April are forced to evaluate their future together
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 20, 2014

WHO'S THE CHIEF NOW? Richard (James Pickens, Jr.) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) discuss the medical mystery of the episode -- the Mona Lisa of medicine, if you will.

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But if we're talking about someone meaning something, we should get back to the Avery showdown that was happening in the conference room. Catherine wanted answers. Were Jackson and April going to have children? Yes. What religion would they be raised with? Was April aware that Avery children start attending Avery Foundation board meetings at 15 and join the board as voting members at the age of 18? And what about April's Christian beliefs? Would their children be raised pro-life? Would that affect how they voted on the board and what hospitals they worked with? Oh yeah, it was intense. But April was a champ. She apologized if Catherine felt judged because of her beliefs, and she apologized for how the wedding went down, which was really all Catherine wanted. She promised to make it up to her, and then she told her sexy husband to apologize to his mom. Jackson walked over to his mother, asked her to stand up, and explained that "I love her mom, and I am sorry, but I love her. She's the one." And then, in a very sweet moment, Catherine teared up and told him, "You could've had your grandma's cake topper." Oh, these two. I loved how Catherine hugged and then lightly slapped him. That woman's the best.

But before Catherine could take Richard out for his birthday dinner, Richard attempted to give the absorbed twin back to the patient, but after one look at it, he screamed and gave it right back. As for Richard? That was his birthday present. Well that, and a surprise party! Whenever they have one of these shindigs, I always wonder who's staffing the hospital, but I'll let it go for now.

At the bar, Cristina informed Owen that he'd had 20 responses from women. She narrowed it down to 10, and he could take three on coffee dates. But he informed her that he had to talk to Richard, and then they should get out of there. At this point, all I'm thinking is, "Good Lord say yes!"

So as one couple potentially rekindled something, Jackson and April realized just how much they still need to discuss. Would their kids be raised Christian even though Jackson isn't? Would they be attending board meetings or 4-H lessons? And what about boarding school? The best response was when April talked about it being important for them to be comfortable around livestock -- "Is it?" Jackson asked.

Finally, Hunt went to talk to Richard about that retirement packet. Turned out, he wasn't going to ask him to leave. He was going to ask him to cut back on surgeries so that he could become the director of the residency program. All of the decisions regarding the education arm of the hospital would now be made by Richard. Richard said he'd think about it, but we all know it's a perfect fit. That being said, I'm still calling him the chief.

What did you all think of the episode? I thought it was a lot of fun, and I'm loving the relationships. Derek and Callie are great, Bailey and Richard are great, and don't get me started on Owen and Cristina. Let's just hope this Jackson-April relationship drama doesn't make me start to dislike them.

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