Grey's Anatomy recap: Cristina and the Chocolate Factory

The return of Preston Burke gives Cristina a new perspective, and a new job opportunity
Ep. 22 | Aired May 1, 2014

BURKE IS BACK. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) tries to convince Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) to extend her stay in Zurich to watch his surgery. Spoiler: He succeeds.

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OK, back to Zurich, where my chills had chills. In Burke's office, he offered to order dinner, to which Cristina made some noise. As he said, "I no longer have the ability to interpret your noises." She asked if this was all a ploy to get her back in his life. His response? Pictures of his wife and two kids. He'd found the love of his life, the woman who had given up surgery to stay at home and raise their children. When you do something as fiercely as they do, you need someone at home, he told her. But she reminded him that he doesn't know her anymore. Her life has moved on too. That might be fair, he said, but he knows that she is a magnificent surgeon. "You've become everything I dreamed you'd be," he told her. And that was why she should consider his job offer. And I'm crying again.

With that zinger, Cristina went back to the hotel, and instead of dancing it out, she called Meredith and left yet another voicemail. "Everything I ever wanted is here, except he's here, so what the hell am I supposed to do? What would you tell me to do?" She asked. Well, we'll never know, but Cristina marched right back to Burke -- the Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery -- to say that no, she hadn't spoken to Meredith, and no, she didn't want the job. She couldn't work for him again. "I never wanted to work for you. I wanted to be you. The best thing that ever happened to me was you walking away from our wedding." She said that his leaving had made her stand on her own two feet. She was better for it, and so was he. So why was he offering her a job he knew she couldn't resist? Because he didn't want her to work for him.

Burke knew that the two of them working together would destroy his marriage. "The way I loved you was consuming," he told her as I sank into my couch. He told her that eventually, she'd hold the carrot and he'd be chasing her. But he had a family now, a life he wanted. So no, he didn't want her to work for him. He wanted her to take over for him. His wife wanted to move to Milan, and he was ready to leave. He was just waiting to find someone he was willing to give his institute to. So what, "You're Willy Wonka and you're handing me a chocolate factory?" As he put it, "Cheer up, Charlie."

Watching that scene, and watching Burke fall in love with her all over again, was absolutely mesmerizing. It was Shonda Rhimes at her best, and even thinking about it makes me cry. My only complaint was that when she said, "Are you serious?" neither one of them used the opportunity to say "Seriously." He told her this place was hers if she wanted it. And as Meredith figured out the moment Cristina set foot on U.S. soil, she was leaving.

But in a tiny bit of good news, Amy might be staying, despite the fact that Twin A had died earlier in the day. Derek told her that he'd recommended his favorite sister for Callie's project, and he wanted her to stick around. Personally? I'm on board.

So what did you all think of the episode? Did seeing Alex in a tie rub anyone else the wrong way? And are you able to function right now, because all I want to do is rewatch it and cry. And then rewatch all Burke scenes. I mean, seriously?!

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