Grey's Anatomy recap: Cristina and the Chocolate Factory

The return of Preston Burke gives Cristina a new perspective, and a new job opportunity
Ep. 22 | Aired May 1, 2014

BURKE IS BACK. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) tries to convince Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) to extend her stay in Zurich to watch his surgery. Spoiler: He succeeds.

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And back in Seattle, let's just say Meredith didn't tell Owen the details of that voicemail. Her return phone call, however, was great: "Remember that he cut away pieces of you. Remember that his mama took your eyebrows. And remember that you've worked seven years to get over ..." The voicemail was interrupted when Burke offered Cristina a cup of coffee and my heart skipped a beat. It's just coffee, Cristina. Remember?! She said she had a flight to catch, but he'd had another ticket put on hold for her. He had been following her work, and he knew she'd been following his. Now, he had a new surgery that he was about to publish, and he wanted to show her a little something. As if the scenery and the teal scrubs weren't enough of a draw, the surgery had her hooked. The two went to scrub in. And I have to say, I kind of wanted to watch the "scrubbing in" banter. That was always fun.

In Seattle, Arizona was trying to come up with awful baby names -- Agamemnon, Rainbow -- so that Callie would finally accept some of the cute ones, and Jackson wasn't too happy with Webber, who'd called the morning board meeting without him. Why had he done it? Because Webber built this place with certain ideals in mind, and they are not to be trifled with! Webber saw a fundamental difference in philosophy between the hospital and the Avery Foundation, and as he put it, it was a doomed marriage. Yeah, April probably shouldn't have been listening to that conversation.

In surgery, Burke was still wearing the same lucky scrub caps from seven years ago, and again, my heart nearly burst. Being Burke, he immediately brought up Cristina losing the Harper Avery. He told her not to feel bad about it. After he'd won, he'd gone on the ultimate high until he crashed. The pressure he put on himself eventually drove him to move to Zurich and get away from it all. Once there, he found a rich man who was willing to back the hospital, and now, he was able to bring all these people in without any government funding. But one set of deep pockets wasn't enough to impress Cristina. Well, it was, but not as much as the next thing. And that was when he showed her his latest project -- a holographic heart that would allow surgeons to see the patient's heart from all angles in real time. They could assess the ramifications without the risk of blind entry. Needless to say, Cristina was happy she'd decided to stick around.

But just in case Burke hadn't sold Zurich enough, he showed Cristina the hospital's 49 printers before he explained that he understood how valid her work is. He asked what's next, and she finally admitted that she knew what it was but that, as he completed her sentence for her, she was afraid she would lose support after not winning the Harper Avery. She wanted to print a functional human heart. His response? Do it here. Start tomorrow. All you have to do is say yes. God, that man always was convincing, wasn't he?

Back in America, things weren't going so well for the twins. A clot in Twin A -- Lizzie's -- brain forced them to separate them faster than planned. And up in the gallery, things were just as messy. After finding out Yang was in Zurich, Richard once again blamed Avery, but this time, Avery's wife was there to stick up for him. April called Richard out on the fact that he felt guilty for bringing the foundation in to help the hospital, but she reminded him that Avery was not his mother. Geez, April's barely pregnant, and she's already turning into a fierce mama. I kinda like it.

After being bawled out, Richard had a chat with Meredith where he told her about the first time her mother won a Harper Avery. That award was their gold standard, he said. It was the measure of their success, everything they worked for. And now, Catherine had made it meaningless. She had cheapened it, cheapened their goals, and therefore cheapened Ellis' memory. He couldn't stand that.

Meanwhile, Jackson went and found his feisty wife at the hospital chapel. As he put it, "I know who you hang out with." In a sweet moment, Jackson agreed to go to church every Sunday with his wife and family, but only if they could get waffles after. She agreed. In the long run, I'm not sure if this will help or hurt things, but it was a great first step. Yay marriage!

NEXT: "The way I loved you was consuming."

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