Grey's Anatomy recap: The Butterfly Effect

Things at Sloan Grey Memorial get progressively spookier on 'Thriller' night. Plus: Sandra Oh and Smash?!
Ep. 07 | Aired Oct 31, 2013

WINGS PANNED Have Derek and Ben regressed?

Richard Cartwright/ABC

But H.B. G.H. was real! She struck down little Taryn via the force of her "weird eyes" and settled into an ER bed for a classic Shane snuggle. "I'll be your doctor now," he assures her. "Are you as good as she was?" wonders the lady and also the little voice inside Shane's head that won't stop calling him a murderer and general disappointment. "No. But I will be," he decides.

That bout of confidence arrives just in time: Shane's alone at Joe's bar when Cristina -- all tuckered out from a few second at a kids' party where no one noticed her -- plops down next to him with witchiness in her hat and a wandering spirit in her heart. Does she want to drink off the stench of the young? Yes? Perfect.

"Two tequilas." And they share a glorious "we're doin' it later" glance. I've got goosebumps! Finally! (A fan is blowing directly onto me and it's late October -- but still.)

Mer gets her cupcakes (and a small smile of recognition upon noticing them); Cristina gets laid. Not bad for a day's work.


Perhaps the most important patient of all! Bailey's husband Ben comes up with a surgical mechanism that would allow the wings to open up -- which provides a light bulb moment for Derek in his brain-mapping research. Instead of thought-control prosthetics, he'll just turn the patients into butterflies so they can finally flitter away from the hospital in peace.

No, sorry, it's a bit more technical than that. If Derek can get a fan to open up under the skull, a patient's operating area would be covered, with just a fraction of the exposure. How has he never thought of this yet? Oh, don't be so hard on yourself, Derek. Little kids tend to have all the answers in the long run. Just pray you can keep up.

Big news from Ben: He quit his out-of-town residency. Bailey's disappointed in him. "Is it out of the question to get a little consistency in this family?" she wonders, and he replies with what I think is on all of our minds: "Consistency?! I never see you." Perhaps Bailey and Ben will both move away? She could get a job at a different hospital more easily than he could. Based on his enthusiasm for stitching up Zola's butterfly wings, Ben is still clearly passionate about becoming a surgeon. Or seamstress. Hey, it takes all sorts.

Best line/life plan: Alex

"I'm gonna eat candy in the dark and pretend like I'm not home." BINGO.

Best exchange: Callie and April….

"Matthew's having a thing. I'm going as a bunny."
"Needs work."

Did you like the Grey's Halloween episode, or were you busy gobbling up all the candy? Over-achievers will say yes to both. I have two words for you: Gingerbread Twix. Track them down before they turn into zombies.


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