Grey's Anatomy recap: The Butterfly Effect

Things at Sloan Grey Memorial get progressively spookier on 'Thriller' night. Plus: Sandra Oh and Smash?!
Ep. 07 | Aired Oct 31, 2013

WINGS PANNED Have Derek and Ben regressed?

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Anyway, Mer basically advises Jo to be there for Alex because this trying time is when he needs her the most. He's not Mer's problem anymore. She has too many (real) kids now, and too many patients. "I can't handle a broken Alex right now. You can do it!" Oh wow, thanks girl! So many big breaks for Jo this week! She should be flying on top of the world.

And she does, sort of, by rocking that sexy Tinkerbell costume when she shows up on Alex's gloomy doorstep. "I was wrong about your dad," Jo told the Halloween Grinch, speaking words instead of bleating sparkles. (I have a feeling the latter would have been just as effective.) "I never should have pushed you towards him," Jo told Alex. "But it was one crappy call. That's all." She'd picked up that line from iPhone Dad, who'd made just one bad call of neglect before his daughter ended up roaming a hospital filled with scary beeps and itinerant ghost hags... while her body was unable to produce adrenaline. Legit terrifying.

Alex eats it up! Sick of the other candy at his disposal, he quickly pulls Tink inside before the trick or treaters notice he's home.


A woman who's afraid of hospitals has maggots writhing around in her lower leg. A simple blindfold -- costume party! -- plus some soothing narration from Meredith (resuming her rightful role as voiceover artist) assuaged Marge's fear long enough to assent to surgery. Marge's function is mostly to remind Callie that a child's Halloween-life expectancy is short, so she needs to make every year count before Sofia turns 10 and ditches her mommies for her friends forever. So Callie agrees to spend the evening making nice with Arizona, for their daughter's sake. No gunfire. No screaming. Just bobbing. "Awww, they're even cuter when they bob."


Uh oh. Shane is haunted by an undocumented lady who insists Heather Brooks had been her doctor. Heather was always taking in the homeless and the uninsured before she died of electrical shock (for which Shane still blames himself). This possible spectre and her endlessly darting, single hazy blue eye crept around Shane, freaking him out all day. I was hoping she'd be a ghost, as we'd already been denied a zombie.

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