Grey's Anatomy recap: The Butterfly Effect

Things at Sloan Grey Memorial get progressively spookier on 'Thriller' night. Plus: Sandra Oh and Smash?!
Ep. 07 | Aired Oct 31, 2013

WINGS PANNED Have Derek and Ben regressed?

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Cristina doesn't know this, but Owen had temporarily decided he wasn't ready to move on and date Emma. But after getting all zen about The Art of Simplicity during surgery, he calls Emma and leaves a horrendous voicemail. "I wasn't ready to talk about Cristina before, because she and I are always so complicated. i can't do complicated right now... That's what's so great about you -- you're so easy... I mean you're simple! Ugghhhh. Delete this." Emma is hot for this atrocious word vomit and immediately calls Owen back. Game on!


This annoying TV fan (hey, it happens) is living in a fantasy Walking Dead dreamworld. He can't believe he's not dead yet. He wants desperately to experience rigamortis -- the glamorous, camera-ready version. Instead, he suffers a real-life stroke.

During Victor's surgery, April and Jackson interact at length for the first time in a while. She teases him for "being nice" to intern Steph via text messages. "You were never that nice to me when I would spin out," April whined, clearly jealous. Then she just started making stuff up. "It helped that you weren't nice. It made me get my act together. I'M GETTING MARRIED!" Ewww. That last line was a straight-up taunt. Can somebody bite this bitch? I don't think she'll marry Matthew either way, but a lil' neck nibble couldn't hurt.


Alex takes out his aggression re: his own absentee father on this dude who's just trying to conduct business (or engage in an extremely vocal game of Words With Friends, who knows?) on his iPhone. Jo calls him out: "I know you think he's an ass, but he's not your dad." She's desperate to get through to Alex (and underneath those scrubs) again, but he's being so difficult.

Meredith gives Jo a "screw you, I'm way too busy for this s---" pep talk as Jo the performs surgery on… Dr. Webber. (Dear God, this is such a mess! Gotta get through it.) We were supposed to think it was this HUGE DEAL: Who would operate on the ailing guru? Webber and Bailey fought about it so much, to the point at which he fired her from his case. And then Jo pretty much "wins" the opportunity to open up the former chief… by default/due to desperation. No one else is available. Meredith needs to trick or treat.

NEXT: Something evil's lurking in the dark (it's maggots and a ghost hag)

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