Grey's Anatomy recap: There's No Going Back

The doctors are forced to make life-altering decisions, and Cristina learns why she lost the Harper Avery
Ep. 21 | Aired Apr 24, 2014

SISTER SISTER. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) is engaged! And she paid her brother a visit to see if the domestic life suited her. Spoiler: It did not.

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And speaking of things that won't last much longer, Jackson and April once again had a little chat about religion. Despite Owen telling April that religion would not be the "pick-up truck" that runs over their relationship, April couldn't stop thinking about Jackson's face when she'd talk to their kids about religion. He had a great line about, "If you believe in God, then you believe he made me." He reminded her that they share core values, but when she brought up kids again, he was done discussing hypothetical children. Too bad they're not hypothetical anymore, Jackson! April's pregnant! So will she and Callie actually be belly buddies, now?!

Alright, let's get to what was arguably the toughest decision of the episode with Cristina. When Karev and Arizona went to get Frankie another heart, Ivy's condition worsened, and Cristina went to the parents with a proposal. Ivy was also a match for Frankie's new heart, and Ivy was also a better candidate for success. Cristina said they could put Frankie on an artificial heart for now if they wanted to give the heart to Ivy, but the parents couldn't pick. Sophie's choice is quite literally the worst thing ever, so you couldn't blame them. They trusted Yang to make the decision, and she did.

Yang gave the heart to Ivy, and the transplant went beautifully. Frankie, however, died when they attempted to fit her with an artificial heart. And cue the equally heartbreaking and infuriating "We trusted you!" speech from the grief-stricken parents.

After the surgery, Richard found Hunt to fill him in on what he'd learned before Hunt found Cristina in the shower, not unlike what happened with Mer after the bomb exploded in season 2. Fully clothed, standing in the shower, Cristina said she knew it was an impossible decision, but she also knew that she'd made the right call. But this was about the Harper Avery. "I did everything exactly as I was supposed to. I did it perfectly," she said. "What's the point, Owen? What's the point of anything?" And in that moment, he decided to tell her what he had just learned. She had won the award. She had the most votes. The politics had screwed her. She'd never stood a chance.

And as Meredith's voiceover talked about how "Once you've decided, you can't ever go back," Cristina walked out of the doors of the hospital. Somebody tell me what she's going to do!! She's obviously not headed to Meredith's to dance it out, and I'm scared.

But what did you all think of the episode? Are you down for some more Amelia next week? How do you feel about Alex's private practice decision? And what the heck comes next for Cristina? Sound off below!

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